OOH Trends: Mobility + Programmatic

mobile OOH LED truck

Automotive Fleet advertising has been picking up tremendously as it boosts brand recognition 15 times faster than any other advertising mediums and trucks being rated one of the most effective forms of advertising - second in ranking in outdoor media (source AMPS 2010).

Event truck and mobile showroom company Unicom doesn’t just provide event management services and on-ground activations, they take it a step further by adopting a content management system, which has programmatic capabilities for the existing LED Screen-powered trucks.

Mobile OOH LED Truck


Despite being a traditional media channel, they have certainly found a way to stay trendy, updated and creative by adopting AI-powered content management system (CMS) onto their screens which are installed in their trucks - giving an additional system update to accommodate road-show needs.

This smart move helps them automate any campaigns coming their way and convey real-time creatives, despite holding many marketing solution strategies like social media traffic, on-ground activations, instant surveys and many more…Now they extend this capability to conduct cloud-based dynamic campaigns as well.


How adopting the CMS technology which is data ingested helps:

  • Automating their campaign ad-serving: Being able to control and adjust screen content through the cloud which is connected to the CMS system.
  • Dynamic Creative Serving: Connecting to real-time triggers like weather, specific audience types and specific time belts.
  • Post Campaign Measurements: Having a medium to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns through audience data.

Mobile Event Trucks and more!

Whenever on road, it’s no doubt its attractive creatives and mobility have given fleet advertising high visibility and locality. The brand is likely to be seen by thousands of potential customers on a daily basis as the vehicle travels into the view of the pedestrians as compared to waiting for the audience to pass by the ad.

Despite being the most cost-effective advertising medium, by having the lowest Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). (Source OOA & 3M) It’s dynamic marketing capabilities and now enthusiastic endeavour to adopt more advanced technology, vehicle advertising will come out to be a very attractive & effective advertising medium.

Adding technology to the current systems is not just impressive, Unicom advertising also creates an outstanding and effective impact on audiences.

Moving Walls is the proud tech provider enabling the cloud-based CMS solution to enable better creative serving to screen and programmatic capabilities when Unicom is on the go and on-ground!


About Unicom Marketing

Unicom Marketing_logo-01.jpegUnicom Marketing is one of the industries fastest-growing event marketing companies in Malaysia & Singapore which offer a concept-to-knockdown service that has turned out-of-the-box ideas into reality for leading brands and won multiple awards since their inception in 2008. 

With a passion for innovative and insightful on-ground activations, a large fleet of mobile trucks and a collection of leading-edge digital technology, they specialize in bringing brands to life!

For more information on Unicom Marketing, click here.



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