Optimises Automation and Accountability of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH).

A leading smartphone manufacturer wanted to tap into the opportunities of advanced data technology to deliver a highly scalable and verifiable DOOH campaign.

The growth of global advertising in 2021 was forecasted to increase by 12.3%. And according to the WARC report, OOH will be the second-fastest-growing medium in 2021, with ad spend rising by more than 20%.

Digital capabilities will particularly find favour with advertising efforts that are agile and flexible because the integrated ecosystem will enhance the personalisation and localisation of DOOH. Hence, OOH players should reposition themselves to come up with more agile strategies that can easily adapt to any unpredictable environment. 

To build their offline presence, the client leveraged audience measurement technology for an effective OOH site selection and to achieve maximum transparency in the ad-delivery process.

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Customers movement patterns today are shifting, which results in changing shopping behaviour and habits.

“How can we extend the advertising effort to reach these fragmented audiences while staying relevant?”

We aimed to assist our client:

  • To drive maximum awareness of their newly released product, S21 5G Ready Smartphone and its director view’s features, by extending their DOOH effort to multiple premium locations.


  • An audience-reach-optimised plan was created across multiple media owners.

  • The campaign was executed for a week via DV360 which enabled consolidation with other video advertising buys. 

  • In-campaign reporting was generated to forecast on-target delivery for both the ad-plays and the audiences reached. 


  • During the one week tracking period, the campaign managed to record 5, 880 guaranteed impression out of 11, 916 of the total impressions.

  • The campaign reached 164, 228 (209%) of total target audiences, exceeding the prior estimation of 78, 706 reach. This was likely achieved because of the upward trend in arterial road traffic.

  • +103% of the additional video plays tracked as Delivered vs Bought. 

  • 37% of the audiences reached are classified under Shopaholics, Tech Enthusiasts, and White Collar (these audience groups are relevant to the client's target audiences)



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