Optimising OOH Priming Ability for Higher Audience Impressions

A famous printer brand wanted to maximise audience engagement by profiling the defined audiences that are exposed and passed by the selected billboards.

Out of Home (OOH) has been a great primer when reaching and bringing awareness to the audiences. Most people recall seeing and outdoor adverts and 68% of them actually make a purchase decision when they are on-the-move. 

Hence, advertisers should take advantage of this medium's ability to prime the audiences in order to increase sales conversion and ROI.

Digital campaigns that include a layer of priming via Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising have shown better results. While it is difficult to link offline media to the last click or download, there are still a few ways to plan this priming better.

The primed audiences or consumers who are already thinking about a certain brand or product are more likely to engage with it online. Knowing who has been primed and reaching them again on digital will definitely improve the campaign’s effectiveness.

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We will never know the exact impact that digital advertising really has on our business. But we do know that OOH has its influence in priming the audiences.

"So, how can we unleash the priming ability of OOH to retarget the audiences on digital?"

We aimed to assist our client:

  • To prime consumers and having a physical presence around them will always remain important.

  • To extend audience reach by enhancing multiple touchpoints throughout the customer's journey.


By referring to the audience data that is mapped against the printer defined target audiences, we identified the most effective site selection and time selection.

Three (3) different creatives were curated and triggered at the most relevant time belts when a high number of the relevant audiences are present at the OOH locations.


  • Being the first Digital OOH campaign that was scheduled and executed via an online DSP, called DV360 in Malaysia, the campaign managed to deliver an additional 78% of the planned reach over the course of 3 months. This was achieved because the campaign effectively targeted only the peak traffic hours.

  • The OOH ads were displayed on billboards that were located closer to physical stores that were situated in the technological peripherals. These physical stores had shown a higher number of footfalls compared to others because of their high relevance to the audiences there.
  • In these areas, the weekends also showed more comparative footfall than the working days because people visit these places often at weekends.

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