The Outdoor Ad-Campaigns that changed Sporting Events Forever!

The pandemic brought the entire sporting events industry to a standstill.

Everything from the European Championships in football to the Summer Olympic Games got pushed back by an entire year – something nobody had imagined would happen.

Things have changed since the turn of the year – all those 2020 sporting events that couldn’t be organized, are now being held as countries are realizing that there is probably nothing.

After the UEFA Euros, the Copa America and the Summer Olympic Games, the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup are also underway.

With each event, there has been a major transformation in the way they have been organized and how they’ve promoted themselves.

Some of these interesting ideas, over the years, have taken a simple event and pushed it onto a whole new level.

We decided to explore that level to see where the bar was pre-pandemic and where the future of outdoor ads lie today.

Coca-Cola AR Experience for FIFA World Cup 2018

To celebrate the FIFA World Cup in 2018, Coca-Cola came up with an innovative and fun marketing campaign – they setup an Augmented Reality experience in Zurich’s main train station, where fans could “play” football alongside Switzerland star player Xherdan Shaqiri.


Fans got an experience of it felt like to play with Shaqiri, record it and share it with their friends – while coke bottles were handed out on the side.

In two days, thousands of fans (impressions) had “met Shaqiri and “played” with him virtually, while he was actually playing in Russia.

Tim Hortons NHL 2019 Ad Campaign

billboard-622x349-jpgTim Hortons - known for their coffee, donuts, and love for Toronto Maple Leaf – a Canadian NHL Team – decided to cheer their favourite team by using outdoor ads across the Greater Toronto Area.

When the Maple Leafs came up against the Boston Bruins in the NHL Playoffs, they couldn’t help but use Boston’s favourite snacks to drive their team and fans forward.

“Cream Boston” billboards took over Toronto, as fans of the Maple Leafs rallied behind the cry, and the brand endeared itself to these loyal fans by picking up some of that reflected love for the team.

BBC Women’s World Cup 2019 Campaign

This has to be one of the most impressive campaigns that changed the way the world looked at a sporting event.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is considered to be a sporting event meant for the entire family, unlike the men’s edition that’s seen as the defining event of the global sporting calendar.

The British Broadcasting Corporation decided to level the playing field by highlighting a major cause that has plagued women’s sports – equal pay!

With over 720,000 tickets to the 2019 events already sold, the BBC took their “Change the Game” campaign and collaborated with Nike, VISA, Barclays and Lucozade to highlight how important it was to give respect and equal rights to the women’s game.


The Future is Innovation

Everything you read above is an example of an innovative angle to sports event marketing – some use technology and others use a cause to publicize the event.
However, marketing on most platforms has evolved into a form of entertainment itself.

The idea of interrupting entertainment to show an ad is passé – the most effective form of marketing today doesn’t look like marketing at all.

World Cup Mockup-2That is why it has been important to run campaigns like the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup is running.

Taking what would normally be a simple branded outdoor ad and playing match highlights on it would make it something that the world has never seen before.

Instead of ignoring an ad that you would see on an outdoor screen, the match highlight would actually make people stop and watch the actual ad.

It isn’t an ad anymore – it is entertainment!

The highlights of the benefits:

    • Brands can engage local fans by advertising key moments from their team’s performance
    • These match highlights, along with QR codes, can initiate Clickthrough action from onlookers
    • No better way to connect with a fan emotionally than to support the team they support and play their key moments on outdoor screens

In the end, sports event marketing is about two key things – connecting fans with their favourite players or teams and giving brands the visibility they deserve for sponsoring an event.

If you can combine both these objectives with one fell swoop, and connect with fans while highlighting brands, then there’s no better way to promote your event and get greater reach for your event.

That’s exactly what is happening with the ongoing 2021 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup.

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