Outdoor Advertising Banned in Major Cities


Got your attention? We’ll address this towards the end. But first, let’s briefly look at what happened in 2019.

Everything we have done has been focussed around bringing measurement, transparency, and automation to location-based media. 2019 has been a landmark year for more than a few reasons:

  • On Measurement, we are now processing more than 10 billion data points and measuring more than 35,000 media sites across the globe. Our multi-sensor approach was also awarded a US patent.
  • On Transparency, we have connected more than 200 media site owners to an online Registry that powers planning and buying tools across three continents.
  • Finally, we have brought Automation to outdoor advertising by enabling more than 20 campaigns to be executed via digital buying platforms - connecting about 72 media owners to digital spends from some of the largest programmatic agencies.

Without going into the details, here are the three key announcements that shaped 2019 for us:

1. Enabling DOOH buying via Google's Marketing Platform and running the first programmatic DOOH campaigns in Asia on 800 screens across Malaysia

2. Partnering Interaction Channel to launch our solutions in West Africa and setting up a physical presence in Indonesia and Latin America, three of the fastest growing OOH regions in the world.

3. Acquiring Quad42 to extend OOH to retail by powering the next billion screens with programmatic technology



In 2019, many digital agencies ran OOH campaigns for their clients for the first time. And it was no different to online campaigns - targeting capabilities, transparent reporting, and the opportunity to connect to the same audiences across other channels.

We believe that dynamic OOH executions, whether it is connecting to data triggers or simply amplifying digital content on physical screens will become the norm rather than simply being done to generate more buzz or awards.

If 2019 was transformative, we believe 2020 will be all about scale with automated OOH buying becoming the norm.

We've all heard this Bata shoe story before. When the African content was opening up as a market, two shoe manufacturers evaluated the potential market and came back with two very different conclusions:

“No one wears shoes here, there is no market for us.”
“No one wears shoes here, there is a huge market for us.”

When we started in 2019, we went with the latter line of thinking and saw a huge shift in the business. Digital media buyers don’t buy outdoor advertising. But what if they could?

This is the true growth opportunity for an industry that has for decades only commanded just about 6% of media budgets globally.


So what if all outdoor advertising was banned today? Would anyone bat an eyelid?

Now imagine what would happen if the Internet or TV was banned… you would be up in arms… Would you do the same if outdoor advertising was banned?

The key question all of us in this industry have to ask ourselves is - Have we done enough to make a difference to the consumer who sees our billboards every day and more importantly to the society we live in?

We at Moving Walls want to start 2020 with a resolution that we will take steps to make such a difference. None of this would be possible without your support and collaboration. We’d love to hear your views on how this can happen and we will share the same.


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