The Value of Outdoor Advertising for your Startup

Outdoor Advertising and the Value your Startup can Extract

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Startup'?

Fast growth, rapid solutions, quick decisions, swift deployment. Basically a lot of speed, quickness and agility!

When digital marketing turned into the behemoth that it is today, it made the job of a startup founder easier – the job to quickly find new and exciting ways to turn action into ROI.

However, startups need to be careful because putting all your marketing eggs into the digital marketing basket may actually be boxing you in.

The average startup founder would argue that outdoor advertising yields much slower results than digital. After all, you can't splurge on colossal ads with a shoestring budget for marketing and in a startup, It's all about cost-effectiveness, isn't it?

Well, here's a little statistic as food for thought – Around 43% of adults harbour a positive response to out of home advertising, across the board (PML Group and Ipsos MRBI, 2021).

That's the kind of market share that could make or break your startup!

Small Beginnings, Big Advertising

The world is slowly trudging back to post-pandemic normalcy. In such a scenario, startups are perfectly poised to aid common folk in availing essential services.

But before we get into the specifics of why startups should get into outdoor advertising, let's look at what it can achieve:

  • Better Visibility: This is a no-brainer. A visually impressive outdoor ad is far more apparent than a phone screen
  • Impact Factor: With better visibility comes a better shot to strike a chord with your audience. Make it count!
  • Audience Diversity: With an OOH ad, you're not limiting yourself to one type of customer. Cast your Startup net far and wide!
  • Appeal Across Age Groups: You don't need to be a tech-savvy millennial or a baby-boomer to connect with an OOH ad. The campaign does all the talking!

The stats back this up as well, with OOH being among the top 3 marketing media options across age groups (PML/Ipsos, 2021).

You'll notice a pattern – It's all about the big picture here, no pun intended.

With the current post-pandemic scenario, startups stand at the brink of a goldmine to capitalize on market needs and fulfill them.

OOH advertising is the perfect platform to catapult your brand to hit that target!

Outdoor Advertising and the Value your Startup can Extract

Out of Home and Into the World

Let's take the above scenario a step further – broad-spectrum goals are pleasing to hear, but what about the hard numbers?

Can out-of-home advertising guarantee results for startups?

Startups dabbling in Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is not new – usually, you can find their ads in nondescript locations like subway stations.

They are not ideal, big-banner locations that you normally associate with OOH, but they are still extremely lucrative spots that rake in substantial returns for these brands.

So, how does it work?

  • Studies by GPS giant, Waze show that the length of journeys and travel has gone up by 80% in recent times. That's lesser time glued to a screen and more time spent outside

  • Outdoor advertising deals have an inherent urgency factor in them. 68% of consumers follow up on an OOH ad that connects with them

  • That's where positioning comes in – content packaging is a core aspect of outdoor advertising. It's not about how big the billboard is, but how well you use the space

OOH is a whole different ball game when it comes to startups – you play by different rules, rethinking your marketing approach.

With some dedicated planning and execution, OOH can become the key to unlocking a new market for your brand.

OOH Meets Digital: Made for Each Other

We're not here to say that one method is necessarily better than the other for a startup.

Many startups buy into the misconception that OOH is not viable because it's harder to analyze. Some startup founders chalk it up to logistical hassles!

OOH is great but getting into it isn't like stepping into a cold swimming pool – you cannot dip your toes to test the water – well… until now!

Traditionally, outdoor advertising has always been about big brands with big budgets – and that pushed startups onto the digital platform.

All that is changing because startups are quickly discovering that OOH has become as measurable as digital marketing – and then there's a bit more to it.

You see, a dollar spent on digital marketing can fetch you a certain amount (say, X)– and a dollar spent on outdoor advertising might fetch, say, Y returns.

So if you assumed that spending a dollar on digital + a dollar on OOH should yield X+Y results, we wouldn't hold it against you.

Instead, what we would do is open your eyes to the fact that those $2 would actually fetch you 13x results or to put it simply – 13-times (X+Y) (Facebook, 2019)!

Startups need to Think Big!

The post-pandemic world is opening up new opportunities for startups – and OOH is helping them take advantage of those new opportunities.

  • If you want to tap into a new audience, OOH will put you on the map far better than most digital marketing methods - visibility is unparalleled
  • Well-crafted outdoor advertising campaigns perform like kings when it comes to pure conversions!
  • OOH ads work in tandem with digital campaigns and exponentially increases engagement
  • As a startup, reaching your target audience (awareness) or converting them on a larger scale comes at a better CPM rate than most traditional channels

Outdoor advertising appears to be an intimidating beast but is in fact, a finely tuned lead generation or conversion machine – provided you use it wisely.

Large brands have relied on outdoor advertising for a reason – it works!

And now, with VideOOH Deals, you can make it a part of your advertising strategy too!

VideOOH.Deals is a platform that makes outdoor advertising more accessible to Startups, SMEs, small businesses and retailers. Our digital platform is the first of its kind - enabling outdoor media buyers and sellers to interact online and run campaigns with unparalleled measurement techniques.

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