Reach The Target Audiences When They Are Ready To Engage

A premier multi-partner consumer rewards program company wanted to amplify their brand awareness by targeting locations with a high density of target audiences.

Brand awareness can be described as the ability for the audience to identify, recall or just acknowledge the existence of a brand. Brand awareness influences consumers’ decision-making process and encourages them to build a positive perception of the brand.

Outdoor advertising is a great way to make people aware of the products. For customers to acknowledge your brand existence, establishing awareness is very much important and needed.

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People might see your ad message but do they really remember it once they pass the OOH billboards. 

"How can we enhance an interactive OOH strategy to ensure we are reaching audiences when they are ready for a brand engagement?"

We aimed to assist our client

  • To motivate the consumers to take the next step and actually start interacting with the OOH ad.

  • To integrate interactivity in order to positively affect brand awareness in outdoor advertising.


  • We identified the right time-belt hour to identify the most effective time to reach audiences when they are in the right frame of mind to engage with the brand.
  • Reaching the audiences at the right time will give a higher impact on the customer journey, which further strengthen brand trust and awareness.


An average person has had a minimum opportunity of 4 times to see the ad across the locations, during the campaign period.

The overall campaign reach was 3.1M people where it had reached 9.50% of the Malaysia population.


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