Reaching Beauty Enthusiasts with a Personalised DOOH.

A beauty product company aimed to increase brand exposure to the audiences on the go, especially young women and beauty enthusiasts.


OOH media strategies for an affluent brand needs to cater to the classes, not the masses.  

An insightful brand would understand how to appeal to its demographic while maintaining the level of scarcity and exclusivity that consumers strive for when making a purchase decision.

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Irrelevant ad campaigns will never be able to grab the customer's attention.

"How can we relish in the benefits of OOH to integrate digital with outdoor advertising?"

We aimed to assist our client:

  • To connect with consumers today and serve effective and memorable ads, through the utilisation of a combination of tools, technologies and strategies.

  • To create quality brand experiences, rather than on high-volume repetitive ad exposure.


  • Selected large screens for 7 & 14 days,  6 to 19 hours to create Awareness.

  • Mall screens optimised for 8 & 15 days for 6 hours  as it is the highest peak traffic hours. This may change to weekdays depending on the data and audience movement patterns. 

  • AEON 82 Screens (Klang Valley & Nationwide) for 14 days 6 hours to drive conversions. We will select the high density hours according to days and weeks ,closer to campaign dates.



  • The campaign managed to reach total potential views of 999K and 133K of audience reach.

  • An average person has had a minimum opportunity of 8 times to see the ad across the locations, during the campaign period.

  • This campaign has reached around 0.41% of Malaysia population

  • Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya performed well due to several factors such as Position of the Board, Direction Facing, Size, Type, Traffic conditions and the Drive path. It has a campaign contribution of '11.40%'.



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