How to Run Outdoor Advertising Campaigns at Low Costs

Mar-Business_11What comes to your mind when you hear the words – ‘Low Cost Outdoor Advertising’?

Chances are, you begin thinking of posters, stickers, flyers or other such DIY forms of outdoor advertising.

Nothing wrong with those – and as a brand, if you throw in a bit of money, you can even spruce them up to more attractive levels too.

However, these aren’t really what the world’s best brands go for – for obvious reasons.

If you want real impact, then you need to advertise on those big, impressive screens or strategically position yourself on multiple smaller screens in the right locations.

The bigger and bolder you are, the more reach and impressions you get.

However, the bigger and bolder you are, the more expensive it has been to get those impressions – until now!

DOOH is Affordable for the Informed

Digital Out-of-Home has always been bought on an individual-screen level.

You have a campaign that you’d like to run, you pick the location you want it to run on, and then look for screens that come in and around that location.

Then, you go screen-by-screen, talking to media or screen owners, finding out costs & reach, and negotiating with them until you find a cost that suits your budget – finally signing the contract to begin the actual campaign execution process.

There are many red flags in this scenario – mainly the one where you’re asking the inventory owner about the quality of their inventory.

That’s like asking a loving-parent if their child is good – you’ll never know if you heard the truth!

So, to counter that red flag, you need a third-party entity to come in and vet those numbers or, better still, provide a more measurable, realistic number calculated using better impression measurement techniques.

That makes those ‘promises’ more reliable and dependable.

Then there are other issues starting primarily with the location & inventory selection process.

Making Screen Choices Transparent

Does screen A see more of your target audience profile walk by, or does screen B?

32016620595_f05ac52666_o (1)That information is what transparent third-party data provides you!

Location selection has always been an estimated guess based on some “logical reasoning” – closer to old wives’ tales than scientific data sampling.

Now, you could spend thousands of dollars on choosing locations that my grandmother considers as “youngsters’ hangout zones”, or you could use real-audience data to gauge potential campaign performance.

This is a great way to lower your campaign costs because you are no longer buying for the sake of covering an area – you are actually buying for effectiveness and that means, you are only buying those screens that are going to give you actual returns.

So, canvassing an area would have a completely new meaning with more targeted DOOH ad campaigns, which means campaigns that are much more cost-efficient.

However, all this can sound alien to someone who has never explored the world of digital outdoor ads!

Plug and Play with Curated Deals

There are certain areas in outdoor advertising that were considered manual processes – especially because automation couldn’t seem to find the right solution for them.

Media Planning was one where you couldn’t find a way to pick the sites for a particular campaign – until impression data came into the picture.

Once impression data became prominent in the outdoor ad-space, the focus shifted from target locations to target audiences.

And the moment you make that mindset shift, you are in a place where you are now thinking in terms of how many people you can reach, rather than where you can reach them.

So the mindset shift is all about changing your entire approach and that’s where automation has come in.

Curated Deals are a great way to restrict your campaigns to a particular location while focusing on impressions only.

For e.g. if you want to target young audiences in South Mumbai or working professionals in Singapore’s central business district, you might find 150 to 1000 screens in those locations.

However, all those screens are not ideal for you – you should only be interested in those that bring you the highest impressions for the best CPM rate – that’s how you make your campaigns cost-efficient.

And that means, you don’t need to worry about the screens themselves, but about how you reach your customer.

In the end, your ad-campaign spend should only go to channels that are the most effective – not the biggest, brightest or most promising.

And that’s where curated deals can make it happen for you – you don’t have to worry about the media planning side at all – just the budget and impressions you want to reach!

And if that doesn’t work for you, you could always ask for a customized version of a curated deal because any ad-tech platform worth its salt will force you to take what’s on offer, instead of taking what you need.

Don’t take our word for it – just look around!


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