Star Wars - The Hong Kong Media Experience




Hong Kong is one of the busiest places in the world with a dense population, and where people are always on the move.

The OOH Industry is on the rise, with even more room for change!

There is something interesting about the digital OOH implementations in Hong Kong. Unlike KL, Bangkok or Jakarta where the Digital battle is fought at traffic lights or bus shelters, the outdoor media battle has moved to the skies - which the neon signs on rooftops used to shine with brands have been replaced with digital ooh screens.

The Landscape - The Ocean and the Hills




Looking at Hong Kong from Victoria Harbor, you will see the city protected by the giant hills behind it. Elevated walkways act like water streams going around and in between tightly packed towers and high-rise residential flats. The rooftops of these buildings are visible to residents living at multiple levels on the hills.

Kowloon and Hong Kong separated by water provide the perfect visibility of these rooftops to residents on both sides of the cities. The Victoria Harbor is a tourist attraction where spectators can enjoy the view of a luminous cityscape from boats. There is plenty of room to enhance the light show experience with better creatives and better technology like hologram projections, the complexity of content synchronization across multiple digital screens sets a benchmark to beat.


Weather - The most underrated OOH Content Trigger

Hong Kong's weather can be unpredictable, and typhoons often happen from May to November, with more than a 50% chance of a major, tropical storm around August. There are obvious creative changes like promotions of hot drinks during cold days that can be triggered based on weather. There are many other creative executions that are waiting to happen.

Final Thoughts on Hong Kong OOH Media

The OOH industry in Hong Kong, as a whole, has not kicked off too far from its primal stages. While the digitization of OOH has resulted in time sharing of the screen with multiple clients, most of the digital billboards in HK are 100% owned by a single client. I believe that the industry is ready for some new and exciting digital ooh formats with taxi top digital screens leading the pack.

Once known as a concrete jungle, Hong Kong is morphing into a digital canvas for the OOH industry to paint a new future. It just needs the right painter!


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