OOH Propelled to New Heights through Programmatic

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As Global Ad Spends set to grow by 3.6% to US$609.9 billion, APAC leads the race, with a 4% growth rate to reach US$216 billion in total investment. APAC is also the leading contributor, with 39% (US$8.1billion) to the global ad spend increase of US$20.9 billion.

Digital channels continue to dominate the ad spend growth globally, and forecast to grow 11.5% in 2019 to reach USD249.7 billion and 41.8% global share.¹

Surviving this digital storm, OOH remains the only traditional media to continue to see consistent growth in the regions. APAC is now the largest OOH region with almost US$13 billion sales in 2018.²

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Driven by innovations, digitization and more importantly, by adding programmatic into the equation, it had propelled the decade-old media into new heights. Together with location intelligence, out-of-home media are now measurable, with metrics that marketers can now use for more targeted strategies, which in return, generates better ROI (Return of Investment).


But let's get this straight,

Digital OOH Doesn’t Mean Programmatic OOH

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a traditional outdoor advertising media, e.g. Billboards, while Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is a powered-up version of OOH with technologies - e.g. AdTech for attribution, measurement, personalization, tracking, and retargeting.

Transiting from OOH to DOOH is a no-brainer for media owners, as customers are all hungry for more personalization in the ads they see. With digital outdoor media, ads can be targeted and personalized to each individual, with contents that changes dynamically based on data being fed into them.


To Stay Relevant in This Digital Era, This transition is inevitable. Learn how you as OOH media owners can accelerate this digital conversion of your assets!


So What Exactly is Programmatic OOH?

Everyone has their own definitions of programmatic OOH. It can seem complex at first, but the underlying concept is straightforward. Simply put, programmatic OOH is an automated OOH sales process using technology platform; programmatic enables OOH assets to be bought and sold through the use of the software.

Majority of programmatic OOH offerings are mostly programmatic direct, where inventory is sold directly and spots are guaranteed. This is done through a two-step process:

1. Buyer chooses the media sites they want to work with,

2. Plan and optimize their campaigns based on relevant metrics and setting parameters on how their contents will be presented, and finally, allowing the system to automatically delivery the campaigns.

Programmatic OOH


Location Intelligence Makes Programmatic OOH Highly Targeted and Measurable

Location intelligence is crucial for planning, targeting and measurement in programmatic OOH. There’s probably no other media segment that has benefited from the adoption of location intelligence as much as OOH.

The ability to identify who viewed your ads, are making OOH an extremely powerful media for targeted placements and personalization. With the combination of mobile data, it provides marketers with better audience targeting, actionable audience insights, and offline attributions.


It’s Already Happening!

Programmatic OOH is still a relatively new thing for agencies and advertisers. The progress had been slow, but it’s definitely gaining momentum. Early adopters are capitalizing on this innovation and are seeing great success with their clients.

Asia's First Programmatic OOH Powered by Moving Walls Reaches Tipping Point as Campaigns are Planned, Bought, and Delivered Automatically on 800 Screens Across Malaysia.


Going forward, What the Future holds for Programmatic OOH?

As global ad spends on OOH continue to grow, and propelling through the storm in an era dominated by digital, OOH is delivering new levels of effectiveness and efficiency with the introduction of programmatic into the mix.

With the gap of the supply and demand side of the media closing in, it will drive better competition and pricing in this space.

With the market growing more data-driven and hungry for more personalization, to make the greatest impact, marketers can leverage location data and consumer insights to reach their audience, as they move out of their homes. They can engage them, with the right content, at the right place, and at the right time.

As programmatic OOH becomes common, OOH medium will again re-emerge as a cornerstone of every great media plan for every marketer.


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