Taking Personalisation to the Next Level with Location Data

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Marketers today are constantly looking for ways to identify relevant audiences for their advertising campaigns. Converting more users into paying customers has always been every marketer’s ultimate goal in maximising their campaign’s relevancy. With location intelligence in the mix, the gap in achieving this goal has become more reachable.

Why Location Intelligence? Location data is a significant indicator of behaviour, interests and intent of the target audience. Identifying the audience movement pattern will give marketers an in-depth insight which is vital in enhancing personalisation and customisation in an ad campaign delivery.

Behaviour and Attribution Analysis Powered by Location Intelligence

Location intelligence gives marketers the ability to identify the individuals purchasing journey during a campaign.

Location data provides marketers with an important component in creating unique audiences profiles based on the target audiences’ behaviours and movement patterns. These insights will enable marketers to deliver relevant ad messages at a right time and location where a high density of target audiences is present. For example, showing an insurance ad in weekdays’ morning would be more relevant to the working adults while showing any family entertainment ad would be more relevant during the weekend.

Identifying location attribution will also help determine whether the campaign had actually influenced the in-store footfalls. This allows potential mid-campaign optimisation to be done to enhance the ongoing campaign’s performance. This ability allows marketers to readjust their message or retargeting efforts through realignment of the campaign delivery.

Marketers can continuously update their perceived customer profiles with data that explains a consumers journey clearly. This process helps the marketers to prioritise the customer-first approach by personalising the overall campaign and remove any potential barriers to purchase.


Take an example of this use case:

An established e-commerce company served a dynamic campaign through location-based targeting strategy. The campaign was deployed in several locations, mainly the major shopping locations with a high density of shopaholics.

The campaign was optimised by showing different promos and deals that were relevant to the different audiences who were present at a particular time. The ad campaign also included a specific expiration date to increase the awareness of the brand promotions and encourage the customer to take a step further down the purchasing funnel.

Key Results:
Potential Views: 5, 652, 654
Unique Reach: 2, 677, 551
Unique percentage: 47.37%

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Understand your audiences, rather than just knowing them.

Location data can take personalisation to the next level by optimising a dynamic ad campaign delivery through behaviour analysis. Understanding your target audiences is more important than just hitting the maximum number of reach for your campaigns.

Personalisation is further enhanced through audience segmentation based on location intelligence analysis. The collective date are then used to develop multiple relevant creatives that are highly targeted to each of these segments.

We operate Moving Audiences, the region’s largest location intelligence platform that brings transparency and automation to out-of-home media via Planning, Buying, and Measurement tools.
Our US-patented multi-sensors approach in location data collection has enabled us to process more than 10 billion data points and measure more than 35,000 media sites across the globe.

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