Target Relevant Audience Group for Maximum Reach and Exposure

A well-established lubricant company wanted to gain maximum reach of car owners in Indonesia’s biggest cities by timing the OOH campaign to coincide with the brand ambassador, Joe Taslim’s Hollywood movie release.

Marketers and brands are not interested in merely buying ad spaces –they want to buy audiences.

In OOH advertising, the first impression is important to capture and retain the audience attention. People are always on the move, thus marketers only have a few seconds to attract the interest of the people to read your ad messages. To even hope of gaining valuable information into the exposure and effectiveness of a campaign, a marketer has to understand how their audiences move around in the physical world.

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Marketers tend to forget that location data possesses the ability to measure the effectiveness of a campaign.

"How do we ensure consistency in the ad delivery, in making sure it reaches the right audiences?"

We aimed to assist our client:

  • To reach the right target audiences, at the right time and place.

  • To maximise audience reach by targeting locations with the highest density of target audiences.

  • To better understand the audiences' behaviours by mapping the customer's offline journey and outdoor movement patterns.


  • Premium DOOH sites in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya were selected for the campaign.

  • Proximity to Shell Select Petrol Stations was also considered during the planning.

  • Post-campaign reporting through the Moving Audiences Decisions platform allowed measurement of attribution from DOOH screens to other Shell Petroleum across each city.


  • Most people seeing the campaign live in areas with fast income growth (6%/year) and the highest UMR.

  • The audiences’ brand affinity are coming from luxurious brands which shown that they have high purchasing power.

  • Due to its strategic location, the attribution conversion rate for Shell Petrol stations is up to 18%.

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