The humble billboard - an innovation by small businesses to reach local consumers

Think outdoor advertising and it's the iconic or big brands that come to mind. Few small businesses would consider billboards for promoting their business. But the humble billboard has always been used by small businesses to reach out to local people. And this trend is making a comeback.

Times Square, Piccadilly Circus, and our very own Bukit Bintang - they play hosts to global brands on giant digital billboards. These are outdoor advertising's creme-de-la-creme locations, attracting crowds of affluent shoppers and working professionals.

It is almost ironic then, that the billboard was a small business innovation used by merchants to notify pedestrians what they sold nearby. However, as the global economy boomed, it didn't take long for the prime billboard real state to become almost exclusive to global brands.

Today, outdoor advertising has gone through an evolution of its own. There are more assets in more locations, showing more ads than ever. As flexible, digital platforms for buying billboard spaces become more prevalent, the local businesses are flocking back to the medium. Here's how outdoor advertising is delivering huge benefits to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 

Billboards are "Free" for the viewers

Yes, you read that right. Consumers pay to access premium TV channels, they buy newspapers, and they incur data costs to access social media channels or mobile applications. But you don't need anything to watch a billboard ad. All that is required is the consumers' presence. 

With people spending more than 70 percent of their time outdoors, billboard viewers will always be present. 

Businesses can build a loyal and local customer base

People like to feel like they belong to something. By having your brand on a tangible form of media that locals see every day, you become a natural part of that community. No other media channel can give you this sort of hyperlocal brand awareness on such a frequent basis. 

Small businesses stand out and seem more credible

There are thousands of other businesses offering the same services as you, online or offline. Social media advertising is a popular promotion channel. But a small business is highly unlikely to get exclusive airtime on Facebook or YouTube. 

On the other hand, the limited nature of billboard spaces means your growing business can still build an exclusive presence in certain locations. Next to your outlet, for example.

There's also the belief that brands who have a physical presence, even if it's just on a billboard,  immediately seem more credible than stores you saw advertising online. This feeling has been strengthened more recently due to the rise of fake posts online. Just think of the credibility lift that your outdoor advert would have on a potential investor or buyer. 

Now all you need is access to these billboards

Local businesses are already comfortable with outcome-driven, easy-to-access marketing solutions. What if they could use similar tools to buy billboard spaces near their stores or around their target audience? 

Moving Audiences Exchange does just this. You can now search for the billboards that fit your objectives, choose flexible times to run your ads, and even upload your content online.

Contact us to be part of an exclusive group who will get early-bird access to the tool plus discount coupons for your first campaign.

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