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The Hyperlocal Opportunity

On May 30, 2017

There is certainly no point in curating a great advertisement and then show it to the wrong audience.

In fact, one would argue, understanding your consumers’ movements – where they are and where they are going – is more important than the creative itself.

This is even more important for smaller businesses who must invest their advertising budgets on the most effective medium to reach local consumers.

Hyperlocal advertising - focussing on a specific geographic location - works well for local businesses. By implementing one or more marketing strategies to target specific audiences, hyperlocal targeting enables businesses to gain attention with the most relevant audience – the ones who are most likely to walk in store.

Outdoor and mobile advertising are ideal for hyperlocal advertising.

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is ever-present where people spend most of their time. They easily adapt to how audiences move in the physical world. This is especially true for dynamic digital billboards, which allow for content changes based on what is happening at the location.

If they're not looking up at billboards, they are looking at their phones. Today's consumers are are always connected by smartphones. It should come as no surprise that mobile and OOH advertising populate the top two fastest growing media channels. 

According to a billboard study by TouchPoints, the overall reach of any campaign is increased when OOH is added to it. Based on the report, the reach of web campaigns is increased by 68%, social media by 212%, and mobile campaigns by 316%.

This translates to a massive audience reach. We are offering this unique combination of outdoor and mobile advertising in the Great Outdoor Digital Sale 2.0. You can elevate your brand by tapping into the inventory of 4,000 digital billboards and 16 million smartphones in Malaysia. 

We have even created a special packages guide to give you a glimpse of the inventory on offer. 

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