Three Case Studies That Affirm OOH's Positive Social Impact

With the plethora of advertising mediums available in the digital age of today, why would anyone choose a billboard over a Facebook advertisement?

Out of home advertising (OOH) stands as a traditional and time-tested medium that has only been enhanced by digital disruption. A physical brand presence builds trust, check out this article on why.

Aside from its effectiveness as a media channel, billboards have remained important as tools to provide public service announcements or to enable campaigns that shed light on social issues. 

No other media channel commands the type of "public" reach that outdoor advertising provides. It's not just that these messages reach the masses. But the people who receive these messages know that they everyone around them is also getting the same messages.

This is different from the sort of one-on-one interactions that happen on mobile or television, for example. 

Here are three OOH-driven campaigns that stand out and have been recognised for their positive social contributions recently:

We’re the Superhumans

Winning the international Grand Prix award, Channel 4’s media campaign for the Rio Paralympics, "We're the Superhumans", was both progressive and inspirational.

The campaign used a media mix of radio, social, and television. However, over 50% of the budget was spent on OOH.

The campaign sought to change the conversation about disability and change the public attitude. The advertisers used over 2,500 screens across London to broadcast their message. OOH works its way into the conversation and changes it for the better.

Although Channel 4 used an omnichannel approach, the majority of the budget was concentrated in OOH. Powerful statements put on colourful screens just work.

Silly but Serious

Kinetic UK and Mindshare teamed up to create a real-time, social conversation-driven campaign against male suicide sponsored by Lynx. Trivial topics coupled with the somber realities created a compelling campaign.

Using social media listening, the conversations being had were brought to the big screens in real time. For two weeks, the headline changed every two hours for 24 hours a day.

Kinetic UK made the solemn topic of suicide palatable with real time social media insights. The campaign won a Gold WARC media award in “Effective Use of Tech”. 

Context is Key

Contextual relevance is a strength of OOH unrivalled by other forms of advertising. OOH can use its location and surroundings to gain an edge, like in this simple but elegant use of weather data by ActionAid.

The ad triggered when the local weather was particularly heavy, with creatives changing as the amount of rainfall changed. 

OOH is an effective medium for various messages. Creating social change is especially difficult, however OOH is the most powerful medium for eliciting human emotion.

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