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Serving the Right Content to the Right Audience: Three Powerful Out-of-Home Case Studies

On Jul 20, 2018

 Advertising is personal. It is the language that connects consumers and companies. Often times, outdoor advertising is impersonal.

While it may capture the fleeting attention of all audiences, what about the right audiences? 

Every brand has a target audience to which the hope to sell, so how do billboards adapt?

Traditionally, digital billboards have always played content in the form of loops - a preset playlist made up of videos that play one after the other, with the addition of the odd civic or PSA message. 

But modern digital signage content software offers a host of dynamic serving capabilities. Advertisers can enable data-triggered content by weather, traffic, type of vehicle, audience, and more.

Here are three campaigns that used dynamic-serving capabilities of modern digital billboards billboards to make the impersonal, personal.

Car and Driver

Targeting the competitor is an age old strategy, however this digital screen takes it to another level.

This digital billboard targets luxury SUV owners for a Jaguar campaign. By identifying vehicles, the content displayed changes. Know your audience and know where and when to find them.

Just the Right Temperature

The best content, is optimised content. And when you have content that resonates with people, you don't even need a digital billboard. This campaign was designed by McDonald's in Amsterdam to connect with changes to temperature. 

There was a heatwave spreading across Europe, with temperatures  about to reach record high.
When the temperature reached 38.7 degrees, a physical panel opened automatically displaying  empty McFlurry cups.

People could use the cups to cool down by redeeming a free ice cream from a McDonald's restaurant nearby.

More Context, Deeper Engagement

Traffic is a fleeting audience with limited time to capture their attention. How do you make the most of it?

Y&R Montreal and Carat teamed together to create this dynamic campaign for Dannon Yogurt. The clever creative changed based on traffic speeds, to better empathize with it audience’s situation. Note how the background color changes to incite different emotions.

Compelling creative and dynamic billboards allows your billboard to serve the right content to the right audience.

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