Increase Audience Awareness of the Brand's Recycling Program

Nespresso wanted to reach out to all their premium coffee lovers to bring awareness about their recycling program.

Location data enables advertisers to trace the impact of their OOH campaigns - “Did the campaign drive more brand awareness and influence people in a positive way?" 

Through these, the impact of outdoor media can be better measured, and more impactful advertising content can be created.

In fact, location data is more than a measurement tool. It is an essential part of the Digital OOH ecosystem. Audience insights gained from this data give advertisers the ability to target audiences and serve contextual content, features that were once deemed exclusive to online advertising.

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To succeed in any digital OOH deployment, there is a lot of effort to be put in place and through the process, it is undeniable that making mistakes is inevitable.



"How do we utilise audience insights to develop pre-built “audience-targeted” packages for the client's to target relevant customers?"

We aimed to assist our client:

  • To reach the right target audiences, at the right time and place.

  • To maximise audience reach by targeting locations with the highest density of target audiences.

  • To better understand the audiences' behaviours by mapping the customer's offline journey and outdoor movement patterns.


  • Moving Walls created a Reach-optimised plan across multiple media owners and the campaign was served via DV360 enabling consolidation with other video advertising buys.

  • The planning stage took a 25% SOV to maximise Target Audience Reach around key locations near Nespresso’s Boutiques across Jakarta.

  • All boutiques and stores took the used aluminium coffee pods and delivered them to Waste4Change.

  • Post-campaign reporting through the Moving Audiences Decisions platform allowed measurement of attribution from DOOH screens to other Nespresso Boutiques across Jakarta.


  • Guaranteed Impressions: 7,680, Achieved Impressions: 18,303

  • 116% Additional Video Plays Tracked as Delivered vs Bought 

  • Despite having comparatively lower views, PIM2 had measurably higher Conversion Rates to all of the client's boutiques compared to its nearby counterpart.

  • 25% SOV helped increase the Reach of this campaign even further despite the comparatively shorter duration at 2 screens.

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