What Does A Day In The Life Of A Media Manager Look Like? Let’s Find Out.

What’s it like to be a Media Manager for an Out-of-Home (OOH) media ad-tech company? Today we will get a glimpse of it by looking into A Day In The Life Of Jonathan Andre Widjaja, our very own Media Manager, who manages ad-tech operations, campaigns, clients for Moving Walls across Indonesia, our fastest-growing market.

So Jon… Can You Give Us An Overview Of The Responsibilities Of A Media Manager? 

Yes for sure! Well as a media manager, my role is to oversee the A to Z of a campaign and ensure a successful execution - all this while managing client expectations and ensuring their objectives are met. That pretty much sums it up in one sentence. If I were to go deeper into it, I manage briefs, campaign costings, site selection & optimisation, client feedback, and campaign optimisation where needed. Once a campaign brief is identified and the sites have been selected, a proposal will be submitted and communicated to the media owner via a media order. 

Off the campaign goes! A close eye will be kept to ensure everything is running as planned. At this point during campaign execution, if there are any further optimisations needed to maximise the campaign effectiveness, I’ll communicate between the client and media owners. Every campaign also requires the transmission of what is called Proof of Plays (POPs), simply put, they are images or videos taken to ‘proof’ that the campaign has gone live.

Many programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaigns also include analytics. This is provided to our clients through live dashboards that track the actual campaign reach and impressions and compare this vs the original plan. 

Last but not least, I am also responsible for campaign control. This means that if there are any unexpected situations occurring during the campaign, I would need to sort them out. 

What Would A Typical Day For You Look Like? 

9.00 am - My day typically starts here once I reach the office. Sometimes, I may be there even earlier, depending on the traffic. Our company currently practices hybrid working styles so if the team is physically there, we will have a face-to-face meeting, whereas online stand-up calls are conducted when we Work from Home (WFH). Our team is pretty small so it's easy to communicate. We generally discuss our updates, daily tasks, and challenges if any.

9.30 am - The first thing I will do is to go through my inbox to check on new client updates and note down any action items that need to be completed during the day.

10.00 am - This is when the bulk of work gets done. During a campaign's inception, I will go through a brief received from a client, work on creating a relevant proposal and select the most accurate and strategic sites for this request. Once done selecting the sites, I will also continue to look into the cost of the sites and generate a proposal for the clients. This is a crucial part of my job as it needs to be done on time without any delay. Therefore, I will always make sure to complete this task first if there is any. 

12.00 am - The client’s feedback is pivotal to us as we prioritise building long-term relationships rather than focusing on the individual campaign we are powering. Therefore, this part of my day is allocated to going through the client’s feedback. Usually, my main concern will be to see if there is any room for improvement. If we find ourselves in that situation where the client isn’t happy with something about the campaign, the team and I quickly brainstorm solutions to overcome it. I think this is a great practice because we can ensure that the same doesn’t repeat itself in future campaigns. Happily, a majority of client feedback has been positive to date! 

1.00 pm - Off to Lunch! 

2.00 pm - Back at it with the emails and ticking off the remaining tasks. Now, I will start looking at proposals that have been submitted and approved by the client and get started on creating the media orders and project plans. Sometimes, when a campaign is going to go live, I will also help make sure the creatives have been approved and fit the DOOH sites’ specifications.

7.00 pm - When the day comes to an end at work, I sum up all my tasks and head home to enjoy the rest of my evening with the family. 

Overall, I wouldn’t say this is what I exactly do on a daily basis as there are plenty of ad-hoc tasks that come in between. There are times when I’m working on a task and something else more important pops up, then all my attention goes to that momentarily until the task is complete. 

Later, I can return and continue with the pending tasks. Ad-hoc tasks change the course of my day but nonetheless, what I've mentioned above gives a good overview of what a day in the life of a media manager looks like. 

Last but not least, what is it that always keeps you motivated?

On days that I do not feel 100%, I always remind myself that I should strive above and beyond! And this is what keeps me motivated and going towards my dream.


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