What makes Billboard Advertising in Malls So Effective?

Most mall visitors are there with an intent to purchase. Being able to influence these consumers in a location where the intention is to spend money is a marketers dream. Here's why digital signage is the most effective channel for brands to optimise this last-mile interaction.
Nothing brightens up shopping malls like a network of digital screens showcasing store locations, latest deals and event information. Modern shopping malls no longer depend on a single information counter to cater to patrons' way-finding needs.

In-mall digital signage is quickly becoming a staple for mall tenants to influence customers who are already in the mall and near their stores.

Creating brand awareness online and via mobile advertising is important but being able to direct mall footfall to your store, when they are already in the vicinity, should be the main priority.

Here are three reasons in-mall billboards works best. 

Immediate "Shopper" Awareness

Malls with digital signage networks represent an upscale advertising environment for brands. The type of audience reached are shoppers who make physical purchases. Depending on the features offered, brands could even break down their advertising by the screen locations. For example, reach sports enthusiasts on the screens that are placed on the floors with sports apparel outlets.

Create Awareness for Dynamic Offers

Mall signage helps tenants deliver dynamic and relevant messages that can immediately influence purchase decisions. How often are visitors unsure about where to have their lunch? What if you could run a flash lunch promotion to immediately drive traffic to your establishment during this specific hours? With digital signage, it's possible. 

Direct and Drive Consumers to Your Store

The people coming to shopping malls are "intending to spend". It's up to you to influence them to visit your outlet. Beyond directional messages, mall advertising can extend to downloadable vouchers and coupons that can be fulfilled immediately and nearby. 

Digital billboards have transformed what outdoor advertising can offer. Beyond roadside billboards, brands can now have a presence in shopping malls, office buildings, train stations, airports, and many more locations. 

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