When OOH Measurement Hurdles, SPOT the Difference.

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The significant development in technology, together with automation is bringing digital out-of-home (DOOH) to a more parallel playing field with other digital channels. It has proven to extend reach, amplify a campaign, and drive higher consumer engagements, both online and offline.

With the capability to leverage geo-location data for attribution, targeting and measurement, marketers can now build a more comprehensive picture of the movement of their audiences. This came as no surprise as to why DOOH remains as one of the fastest-growing advertising media, with digital heavyweights such as Google, Apple and Amazon, becoming some of the biggest spenders.

However, when it comes to understanding and proving ROI, we need to provide marketers with deeper metrics analysis, to close the loop of their marketing activity and optimizing their OOH ad spend.


Measuring the effectiveness of an outdoor campaign remains a challenge.

Since DOOH ads are physical media operating in a one-to-many environment - each impression can be seen by many people - it is difficult to target individuals or conduct well-defined attribution as in the case of digital media with cookies and device IDs.

Marketers often find themself in a limbo - recognising the effectiveness of OOH but is uncertain how to measure how many people actually saw their ad and what influence their viewers.


Let’s take an example,

‘Brand X’ had an OOH campaign which is played on a Highway, between 10 AM to 1 PM every day for 1 week.

Total Duration - 21 Hours
Total Days - 7 Days


The Total Potential Views generated by this digital ad, in our present methodology computes it to be:

Potential Views: 70,000
Reach: 35,000
Frequency: 2

However, it does not take into account that, the digital screens played the ‘Brand X’ ad for only 1 SPOT in a Loop and an Hour had 4 Loops for this Media Asset.


The ‘Brand X’ ad was served only 4 times in an hour, however, the audiences measured are for the entire duration. Most publishers provide the total number of impressions for a screen per hour.

A shift in DOOH measurement is needed to provide transparency and accuracy of audience measurement.


We Dive Deeper with Spot-Based Viewership.

When audiences movement is unpredictable, and people are only making purposeful trips, brands need to advertise at the right moment when their audiences are making critical decisions before their purchases.

Marketers no longer only want to compete for a network of media inventories to increase their share of voice, but they also wanted to pinpoint the specific timing their audiences are present when their ads are played.

Programmatic DOOH provides the path to a more dynamic content serving capability by integrating with location data to identify audience movements at specific locations at a given time - giving marketers more opportunity to prime and influence their targeted audiences.

Beside providing measurement solely based on time-belted or share-of-voice impressions, we bring it down deeper, to a single ad-play - at SPOT level. Considering the number of time the ad is played during the entire campaign period. Hence, the more times the ad appears on the screen, the more times it can be seen, the greater the audience.

The number of audiences delivered per SPOT indicates the number of people who are exposed to an ad-play. We then overlay dwell time to potential views to predict actual viewership of the SPOT.

This methodology, which is in line with best practices of global DSPs, provides more in-depth SPOT analysis versus the overall time-belted or share-of-voice analysis.

Dwell time is captured through our IoT Devices - LAMP, installed onsite, to provide multiple classifications of the locations - e.g. Work, Wait, Drive, Play - which captures the people movement patterns in the locations. The average dwell time is taken for individuals at these specific locations, which is fundamental in predicting the potential viewership of the SPOT.

Spot-based viewership in OOH measurement will improve its capability to deliver audience-based planning for outdoor campaigns and will drive better effectiveness and efficiency for all ad spends.

This new methodology will give marketers confidence that they can now target their investment in a more precise manner to maximise their return. Having data available at such granular spot levels could prove to be the key to marketers unlocking a greater degree of automation in planning DOOH campaigns in the future.


Next is Verification

For far too long, OOH has existed without an independent means of verifying ad delivery. The dynamic and contextual nature of digital OOH increases the possibility of incorrect ad delivery, which makes third-party verification critical to the success of the medium.

We had recently piloted the world’s first blockchain-powered digital out-of-home advertising campaign for food delivery giant foodpanda.

As an immutable ledger of transactions, blockchain can foster greater trust between stakeholders, be it media owners, buyers, and solutions providers, effectively repositioning OOH investments as a more transparent and accountable medium.

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