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Why are Small Businesses Turning to Outdoor Advertising?

On Aug 8, 2018

Outdoor advertising is considered the ultimate drum-beating media channel. Big, bold, beautiful, and now, capable of playing full motion videos. But it is no longer inaccessible to those growing businesses with smaller budgets.

Major investments in digital billboards have seen unit numbers surge from 70,000 to more than 300,000 assets in the past two years alone. This coupled with the fact that billboards can now accommodate multiple advertisers has drastically reduced the cost of advertising outdoors. 

Creating brand awareness with the right audiences is a big challenge for new and growing businesses alike. Being able to have  an outdoor advertising presence not only gives these brands credibility but also helps them stand out over competitors who depend solely on digital marketing efforts. 

Here are five reasons small businesses are embracing outdoor advertising, and why you should too!

  1. Easy to conduct

Due to its digital transformation, outdoor media has become easier to add to the media mix. Online videos or creatives can easily be used on digital boards. And advertisers no longer need to fork out high production or printing costs.

Additionally, time belted and day parted time slots can be used to stretch marketing budgets over a longer campaign duration or even to have a presence on more sites. 

  1. Greater Frequency

Billboards lead to many more impressions per ad placement than any other traditional media channel. It exposes people to the brand’s message many more times than a radio commercial or an internet ad, hence the repetitive nature of billboards helps a company’s ad gets more views per dollar spent. 

  1. Bigger in Size and Visibility

The sheer physical nature of a billboard placement trumps just about any other ad format. It instantly increases a brand's visibility. 

This is especially important when businesses want to make the jump from start-up to established brand. Being easily recognisable is made possible by having the sort of physical presence that only billboards can provide. 

  1. Massive but Targeted Reach

The best billboards are placed in areas where the masses congregate. Businesses also have the advantage of choosing the locations that their target audiences frequent. 

For example, a highway billboard is perfect to reach working adults. On the other hand, screens near shopping malls help you reach shoppers. Brands can also reach travellers by choosing sites in airports and train stations

  1. Save Time and Effort

Outdoor adverts immediately get your brand in front of the right audiences. Running outdoor campaigns are also fairly straightforward if you have a location and objective in mind. 

Online billboard marketplaces like Moving Audiences Xchange also help you set up a billboard campaign in seconds. You can even upload your content online and book multiple sites without having to locate individual billboard owners. 

According to a study, there is a 25% increase in the number of people spending time outdoor in Malaysia from the past decade,  which means that more people are watching billboard ads than ever before.

Isn't is time you took your brand out-of-home?


By Maham

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