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Why are Tech Brands Going Old School with OOH?

On Sep 5, 2018

Yes, the tech giants are going old school - at least when you assess their marketing spends. 

Recently, household digital names like Apple, Samsung, Netflix, Spotify, Alibaba, and more have invested heavily in global marketing campaigns that primarily used traditional billboards. 

In fact, according to OAAA, more than 25 per cent of the top OOH advertisers are tech brands. Interestingly, these include some of the fastest growing brands. According to a report by WARC, successful brands allocate an average 13% of their media budget to out-of-home.

Consumers are on the move - so brands are going "outdoor" to reach them

Outdoor advertising intersects with audiences on a daily basis in an unavoidable nature regardless of their interest or buying habits. It acts as a support medium in terms of amplification of the message to a diverse and wide audience, thus reinforcing cross-channel messaging. 

Outdoor advertising also has the advantage of being present where audiences consumer content and products.

For example, a recent study found that 23% of the train commuters stream content on Netflix during their journey to work. Netflix can use these insights to promote content like a new show on physical boards along the daily commute - in train stations, inside trains, and on the road.

Improving OOH technology enables flexible and responsive campaigns

As outdoor media embraces digital, advertisers and brands now have the ability to use the channel for reactive and contextual campaigns. 

Dynamic campaigns allow retailers to tap into just about any data stream and customise content accordingly to increase engagement. Advertisers can react instantly to various market factors, from real-time stock availability to competitors’ activity to deliver continuously relevant messaging to their audience. 

Online advertising platforms have also put their trust in outdoor advertising

According to  Digiday, "there’s an irony that a company dedicated to helping brands improve their online marketing opts to market itself through outdoor ads." In 2018:

  1. Google promoted it’s rebranded app using site-specific outdoor ads in New York.
  2. Facebook used billboards for its ‘Friends Campaign’.
  3. Snapchat ran a multi-market campaign with 50 creative static billboard advertisements that were able to engage it’s users directly.
  4. Apple ran a 10,000+ billboard campaign in 25 countries to showcase the photos that people shot from iPhone X worldwide. 

Tech startups in the United States have also jumped on the OOH bandwagon. This is largely down to the increasing number of assets and platforms that have made it easier to buy outdoor advertising.

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