Why Outdoor Media Works for Delivering Meaningful Content to the Right Audience

To stand out from the clutter of outdoor media advertising sites and increasingly growing digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens, one rule never to be forgotten; is that a branded experience sticks.

Optimisation when done right is the most memorable thing that your brand can offer and, when paired hand in hand with data, can be a powerful experience.

When it comes to this, outdoor media is quickly becoming the go-to channel in the industry to deliver share-worthy, meaningful content to the right audiences. "67% of people in big cities in Indonesia spend a time of 4 hours 33 minutes outside the home during working hours. (Nielsen)". Not only Indonesia, but people around the world are generally spending most of their time being on the go, so OOH is the perfect medium to reach these moving audiences.

With this exponential growth, it would make sense that DOOH is constantly undergoing disruptions – which is why many advertisers are yet to come to grips with how best to execute their campaigns using this channel.

This should not be the case.

While its volatility might seem like a downfall, the high pace of new DOOH options is actually a strength - one that the early adopters can benefit the most from.

Powered by digital, outdoor media is never stagnant. Instead, it offers up advertisers, organisations, and individuals alike the unmatched ability to connect with audiences in a way that guarantees three things; dynamic experiences, relevancy and memorability.

A dynamic experience through DOOH media is all about curation. This can work in a brand’s favour if done right, but can also quickly turn south if not utilised properly.

For instance, although information like time, weather and traffic reports on a digital billboard might be useful data to the average commuter –it’s not something that guarantees a dynamic experience or connection with a brand regardless.

The trick for advertisers to deliver meaningful content here; would be to not confuse usefulness with actual interest. A good rule to remember here is that whilst your audiences might need something, it doesn’t actually make you stand out from the rest if you provide them with it.

Here, it is good to practice curating data and information that helps you understand the audience around the selected site and serve them with an offer that appeals to their state of mind. 

The perfect cherry on top when it comes to DOOH executions would be the unparalleled ability of advertisers to also offer relevant data. Real-time, personal and updated information is key to staying on top of the game – which is why you have to go the extra mile when it comes to always being the first to jump on any bandwagon of new DOOH trends.

Audience data is just one part of delivering more relevant outdoor media executions. These are only made possible when an advertiser is able to automate the planning and buying process.

Only when advertisers are allowed to access and book the spaces they want – quickly and efficiently can they deliver more engaging content. Technology such as programmatic OOH media allows advertisers to deliver the information they want to the right audiences, based on audience, location, time, and other established criteria that packs a punch when getting the message across.

The waters of the DOOH industry might be tricky to navigate, but the ultimate end goal should be the same – and that is memorability.

With every second that passes, more screens are being added around urban centres, more digital panels are being installed in shopping malls; and as an effect, your targeted audiences are being exposed to significantly more promotions and brand information.

As a calculated advertiser, it is on you to beat this saturation by offering your audiences a clean, targeted and straightforward brand experience that will stick to them at the end of the day when everything else gets purged out.

It is an advertisers job to treat every DOOH strategy as an individual –with his own needs and wants, rather than group them all together. Even though your ad might be targeted to the same demographic, take into account other elements like location, time and emotion to serve your ad as something that would stick with your audiences.

When done right, the ability to incorporate all elements of dynamic experiences, relevancy and memorability is an acquired superpower. Achievable only through trial and error, but when executed, it is a skill that sets your organisation above the rest.

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