Why You Should Integrate OOH into Your Next Marketing Campaign

ad spend_2With digital disruption occurring globally, out-of-home (OOH) remains the only traditional media to continue to see consistent growth in the region. The Global Ad Spends report by Dentsu Aegis Network, forecasted OOH to grow at 6.3% globally. Global OOH ad sales are forecasted to grow by +2.8% in the next 5 years to reach US$38 billion by 2023.
APAC is now the largest OOH region with almost US$13 billion in sales in 2018 - as reported by Magna & Rapport - IPG Mediabrands.
So what makes OOH appealing to marketers?
And why you should be integrating it into your marketing strategy as well?
With innovation in OOH and advances in Location Intelligence, marketers now have the ability to track audience movement to measure out-of-home effectiveness. Together with the introduction of Programmatic OOH into the mix, Marketers can now measure, reach and influence their moving audience.
Offline reach
According to a Deloitte survey, distracted viewers make up a significant part of today’s TV audience, with 89% of smartphone users saying they watch TV while using a phone. With digital devices overflowing consumer daily lives with contents, how do marketers know if their ads are actually seen?
This is where OOH advertising has an edge. Whether you’re trapped between fellow commuters on the trains or driving through congested highways, it’s hard to miss these eye-catching, creative displays. And with Digital OOH (DOOH), the possibilities for targeted engagement are even more prominent.
Location leverage
One of the most significant additions in DOOH advertising is the ability to leverage location intelligence for attribution, targeting and measurement. Mobile location data delivers consumer insights used to update digital billboard creative in real-time, based on where people come from or where they’re headed. Additionally, interactive contents can be customed by, the time of day, local weather and even traffic conditions, through data triggers.
Measurement possibilities
Most marketers understand that OOH works, but measuring its effectiveness has historically been a challenge.
Measurement is one of the main advances digital brought to the OOH advertising medium, and with location data, marketers now have the ability to track consumer movement in the real world.
Since footfall is a critical measurement for most retailers, DOOH can have a clear impact if blended strategically into a marketing plan. The combination of transactional data sets with location data will enable marketers to understand not only what consumers are exposed to what ads, but whether a particular ad exposure leads to sales.
As more companies see the value in DOOH campaigns, the century-old medium’s cross-channel and retargeting capabilities will extend and open even more opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in creative, engaging and non-intrusive ways.
DOOH tactics that utilize not just digital billboards on roads, but lobbies and elevators, transit stations and in-store shelf space will transform how brands connect with consumers.
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We operate Moving Audience, an AI-powered location intelligence platform, that brings transparency and automation to OOH media via Planning, Buying and Measurement tools.
With our recent acquisition of Quad42, India’s leading digital signage management platform, we had expanded our strong presence in retail and place-based environments, creating the next wave of programmable digital signage and DOOH.
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