Build a winning brand narrative for SaaS business using OOH

09.11.22 06:44 PM
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In a heavily saturated B2B market, most brands are either contemplating or switching to the Software as a service model, that is, if they haven't already. This has made competition tougher and costlier for brands like yours. 

If there’s one thing that separates you from your competition, that would be brand narrative. Nearly 82% of B2B marketers agree that brand execution is something SaaS companies need to emphasize on.

Yet brand investment isnt a new phenomenon. Simply put, it is creating a level of experience that has a direct impact on the perception of value and quality. Think of it as Simon Sinek’s gleaming golden circle. 

That said SaaS brands cannot stop with the why. The how and what needs to be in a flux. Meaning your brand needs fresh chum for the funnel and more fuel for sales. 

Tech brands and those in the e-commerce sphere are also starting to realize that outsized budgets across social media platforms are not working. Instead many are turning to Out-of-home (OOH) medium for more visibility. OOH was once referred to as an old school medium however exciting new placements, audience targeting, geolocation data and triggers have transformed OOH into a sophisticated model for savvy markets. 

So, what does DOOH or PDOOH do to your marketing mix?

  • Creating a unique impression - OOH advertising gives brands a chance to be splashy and bold, producing creatives that reach waves of potential customers with conversation-inducing visuals and video.

  • Place-based advertising - Exciting new placement opportunities and programmatic capabilities such as weather triggers has added a ‘wow’ factor to the brand. This can be done in sectors or markets where you do not have sales support or physical presence. 

  • A PR buzz always wins - Successful PD/DOOH campaigns can create conversation and PR buzz in ways that digital campaigns often cannot. Upselling customers on new features is hard but not when there’s a PR campaign tied to it. Look at examples such as Apple’s iPhone. 

  • Move from offline to online seamlessly - The omnichannel mindset is setting in. Brand are realizing that campaigns which stretch from offline to online with multiple touch points reaps benefits 

  • Accountability - This is more so relevant in cross-market campaigns. OOH gives a perception of accountability to brands that are hard to manufacture online. Campaigns that stretch across both OOH and digital have shown substantial increases in perception. That perceived legitimacy leads to improved click-through rates and conversion when users come across the brand .

  • Use data, be granular - The ability to integrate geolocation data has been transformational to the OOH industry. Advertisers can now dig deeper into what users are actually doing in specific locations. Layering this data with behavioral information allows advertisers to target the right people at the right time in the right location.

What is your next move?

With so much competition for visibility and conversions, we hope this has given you some ideas to break through the noise. 

Our rich inventory has every kind of format from place based, to street furniture and transit across several countries from APAC to beyond. If you’d like to learn more about launching campaigns with us, please feel free to reach out!. 

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