OOH and SaaS: Make a real impression to drive online engagement 

09.11.22 07:25 PM

If you are a brand in the tech, SaaS, e-commerce industry, chances are that you are not the only one reading this. Maybe your competitor is as well. So when your pricing and features are comparable to that of your competitors, how do you cut through the clutter?

We know, based on experience, what separates you from them is the ability to showcase your band, something similar to a life hack. New features, life changing-productivity that has customers wanting to know more. 

Yet, new user acquisition, reaching new markets that you are not physically present or spelling users on new features has always been somewhat of a hurdle. 

So how can OOH help you?

We have found that while SaaS providers have become more effective at down-the-funnel activities, heavily relying on optimizing conversions, the top of the funnel is still the biggest single obstacle to hitting quarterly numbers.

The counter-intuitive appeal of OOH advertising for SaaS companies is simple: billboards create top-of-mind brand awareness as good as which is unrivaled. And when you’re struggling to keep the top of the funnel full, more of that is what you need.

  • Be seen more often. At the end of the day although brands are transacting in an online world, they are still trying to reach humans. Humans by design, what we see often, think often, do. So it does not help to merely be present in the digital medium, in fact it's costlier. What works better is a marketing mix that combines as many touch points as possible. This enables brand recall and faster conversions. 

  • Impressionable - OOH is a medium that is un skippable, unstoppable and unavoidable. If your creatives are well-designed and throughout, chances are that customers' attention will be drawn to it and will linger in their minds longer. Customers will either look for your name or recognize it when it pops up. 

  • In markets where you have no sales support - it helps to have this kind of awareness where when a buyer eventually communicates with your brand, they would have already known, seen or heard something. 

  • Cookie less world - In a cookie less world it can get harder to reach clients if your marketing mix only has digital medium on it. Digital out-of-home takes things further by targeting people out and about by adding AdTech to the mix. Tools and technology such as tracking, retargeting, personalization are enough to deliver powerful campaigns 

  • Multi-market - Since the medium is digital, ads can be sold, changed, looped and interacted without manual labor. This makes targeting easy and cost-effective. Campaigns can be adjusted in real time without setbacks such as those in the offline world. 

What are you waiting for? 

Start creating truly impactful experiences. Ensure that the customers first impression stands the test of pricing, onboard, contracts and time-plans. Ultimately an experience is what drives churn reduction, LTV and growth. 


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