"DELL" uses DOOH to reach business owners 

20.12.22 01:50 AM









Dell wanted to drive awareness for their specialised Small Business Solutions


Dell wanted to reach a targeted segment - Small Business Owners - to drive awareness for their specialised solutions that include laptops, storage, and networking.


Using TheMoving AudiencesPlanner, MediaCom was able to identify billboard locations that over-indexed for the target segment. This would enable a DOOH execution that:

  • Maximised on-target audience impressions by targeting locations, days, and times of day with the highest concentration of the target group
  • Measure the actual performance and identify opportunities to change sites or schedules to overdeliver on the original plan


Actual Campaign Results showed that the Programmatic DOOH campaign delivered an additional +800k Potential Views or Impressions versus the initial forecasted impressions.

The Ad-Play Verification Service also showed 100.85% of the forecasted ad plays got delivered during the campaign period.

Due to changes in audience movement patterns, the platform was able to identify the locations that performed well vs locations that were underperforming. In-flight campaign optimisation was then used to review weekly performances and pivot campaign sites, essentially shifting the focus of the campaign to sites that were delivering the highest exposure.

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