"LANCOME" drives awareness for CNY limited edition product

20.12.22 01:37 AM









The Chinese New Year (CNY) period is a peak time for shopping and gift-giving. Lancome wanted their own offering to stand-out near their store locations


Lancome wanted to make a big statement promoting their Advanced Genifique Limited Edition Serum on premium Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) locations that were placed nearby shopping malls. Given that it was to be a video advertising campaign, accountable ad and audience delivery reporting was also a requirement.


Using the Moving Audiences tool, we were able to identify DOOH locations that matched the premium nature of the Lancôme brand - large digital panels placed near shopping locations.

Since the tool forecasts audience impressions based on recent movement trends, we were also able to identify the highest target audience concentration hours to prioritise those time bands for the campaign.


The 30-day campaign over-delivered on the forecasted Impressions by 107.1% on the forecasted reach by 105.5%.

The majority of the audience reached by this DOOH campaign were segmented as frequently visiting shopping locations - close to 78%.

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