McDonald's implements weather triggered advertising to dish out their new Mc savers 'Mix & Match 

20.12.22 02:10 AM









How can McDonalds promote and target maximum audience reach?


McDonald's wants to promote their new Mc Savers Mix & Match combos by maximizing target audience reach using the weather trigger advertising method.


Mcdonald's uses weather triggers to personalise content and drive consumer activation dynamically. The programmatic campaign displayed three dynamic creatives which responded to the weather conditions - when it’s shining outside, when it’s pouring rain and when the pockets are dry a.k.a Petsa de Peligro in the Philippines.


During the 100-day tracking period, it was learned that site performances like top-performing locations and top over-delivering can be used to prioritise these sites for future campaigns to maximise the impressions and media value derived from a campaign.

Due to changes in audience movement patterns, certain locations performed while certain were underdelivered based on the predicted planning data. Campaign optimisation can be used to review performance weekly to make changes to sites and move spots to higher-performing sites.


Audiences were reached

The campaign has reached around 142.63% of what was promised to McDonald's.

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