"NEUTROGENA" uses 'Premium' placed - based screens in India to build awareness for new product launch  

20.12.22 02:23 AM







Neutrogena was looking to extend the reach of the marketing campaign by announcing its new Bright Boost range


To launch its new Bright Boost range in India, the well-known skincare brand used a 360-degree digital-first outreach program across platforms. How could this reach be extended beyond digital?


The Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screens in T2 Prime Passage Mumbai Airport were used to amplify the launch.

Neutrogena leveraged DV360 to activate the programmatic campaign across 38 physical screens spread over the airport at the waiting areas to capitalise on the high dwell times.

The planning was done on Moving Audiences, which provided forecasted Reach and Potential Views or Impressions Data. This data was also used to benchmark the actual campaign results.


The campaign was able to deliver 2.45MIL impressions in just 15 days. Almost one-third of target audiences were captured during the afternoon time-belt.

Furthermore, up to 55% of audiences were deduced as young adults who were between the ages of 16 to 34.

DOOH advertising in Airports is a unique opportunity for premium brands to reach affluent audiences and capitalise on the high dwell times here. Now that these screens are available for programmatic activation, brands can simply add a layer of high-impact DOOH to their digital launch campaigns.


Audiences were reached

The campaign delivered 105% more reach than what was initially planned.

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