Pepsi takes on digital screens to promote Tropicana Twister 

22.02.23 07:17 PM







PepsiCo aimed to promote and raise awareness for its Tropicana orange juice in Malaysia in order to increase sales.


Location Media Xchange (LMX) was able to identify the most strategic digital screens in areas with the highest concentration of traffic. The sites chosen were placed at locations that target their specific target audiences, and the deal was pushed by cent as well, and the campaign ran successfully.


From the campaign overview, we understand that the campaign reached a total of 5,887,828 potential views in just 38 days across 12 sites. It is shown that the campaign has currently reached around 1.78% of the Malaysian population, and the age group that contributed the most to the ads were adults (43.3%), followed by young adults and seniors.

Market: Malaysia

Brand: Pepsi

DSP: The Trade Desk

SSP: Location Media Xchange

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