"SEAOIL" leverages live traffic signals to tell drivers duration to nearest fuel station using programmatic DOOH 

20.12.22 02:34 AM







How can SEAOIL engage drivers on the move and convince them to participate in its annual free gas contest in a personalised manner while increasing footfall traffic?


SEAOIL was offering a lifetime free gas promo Break Free from Gas-tos!”, a brand awareness campaign where one grand winner will win a free lifetime supply of SEAOIL gas during the grand draw. The campaign effort was timely and meaningful in effecting tangible impact for store walk-ins aside from executing a normal brand awareness campaign.


Through the use of mapping API, the programmatic campaign was able to tell drivers/motorists who pass by the site or the advertisement how many minutes they were away from the next SEAOIL gas station. The platform, ‘Moving Audiences’ was able to make SEAOIL’s campaign more efficient by eliminating ad waste and identifying patterns like high-performing sites and traffic hours that match the campaign's target audiences.


During the 60-day tracking period, the campaign managed to record 1.6 Mil potential views and 164K unique individuals. The campaigns' audience were mostly classified as commuters (33.22%) and food lovers (24.33%).

SEAOIL had 10.50% out of measured petrol station brand visits against other existing petrol stations, Petrol Station X being (32.95%) and Petrol Station Y (27.7%).

The highest conversion rate, a percentage of the total audience that was also seen at a retail store after having the chance to see the advertisement was 14.91%, 8.25%, & 4.98%, based on the top three SEAOIL locations amongst others. This campaign showcases the perfect example of successful location-based targeting to reach audiences. 

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