"SHELL" effectively targets motorists through highly optimized programmatic DOOH campaign

20.12.22 02:05 AM









How can Shell create brand awareness and target motorists constructively?


Shell wants to communicate the messaging to motorists 'EKSTRA KILOMETER, TERNYATA BERBEZA' which translates to The difference of extra with Shell, at the same time have a mix of ideas through programmatic billboards to get to show this is how much we can drive consideration based on tactical key points.


Using Moving Audiences, we were able to predict audiences based on the most recent movement trends and even identify the high peak hours of motorists travelling along with the chosen billboards.

The platforms in the campaign analytics tool were able to track the entire campaign in real-time and measure actual campaign performance that can be compared against the predictions. 


During the 100-day tracking period, it was learned that site performances like top-performing locations and top over-delivering can be used to prioritise these sites for future campaigns to maximise the impressions and media value derived from a campaign.

Due to changes in audience movement patterns, certain locations performed while certain were underdelivered based on the predicted planning data. Campaign optimisation can be used to review performance weekly to make changes to sites and move spots to higher-performing sites.


Audiences were reached

The campaign has reached around 142.63% of what was promised to Shell.

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