"SUNSILK" uses weather - triggers to drive new promotion awareness 

20.12.22 02:44 AM







How could Sunsilk raise awareness for its product in a unique and remarkable way?


Sunsilk wanted to drive incremental reach in a unique way for their latest product promotion.


The campaign leverage programmatic DOOH on the Moving Audiences ad-tech platform to play custom dynamic messages based on weather triggers. For instance, a sunny day signals sunny creatives, while rainy weather prompts special rain-like creatives. The campaign was ad-served via Google DV360 making it easy to extend the brand’s digital video campaign onto real screens. 


The campaign was executed in 5 selected locations in Manila, Philippines. During the 57 day tracking period, the campaign over-delivered on the forecasted impressions by 203% and on the forecasted reach by 289%.

A QMS neuroscience study (Australia, 2021) highlighted greater impact of DOOH campaigns on changing creatives. The report stated that evolving creatives were shown to deliver a 38% higher impact than static creatives by day 5. By implementing dynamic creatives, Sunsilk's personalised messaging was able to elicit an emotional response and influence audiences to make purchases in favour of the brand's latest promotions. 

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