Our corporate manifesto - the guiding principles that keep us Moving forward

When you Move Walls, there are #NoBoundaries

Moving Walls may describe what we do but it is also a metaphor for how we work - shifting so-called existing boundaries or obstacles using innovation. Our manifesto is a set of nine principles deeply ingrained in our work culture. 

Digital Knows No BoundariesWe help companies connect digitally with consumers, and create meaningful and magical experiences. We use data and insights to optimize and deliver value to everyone involved. We are a technology led media group. Everything we do blurs the line between the real world and the digital world to make life simply wonderful for everyone involved.
Commitment Knows No Boundaries   Yes before No. We are yes biased. Heck! It’s easy to say ‘No’.  But to be truly EXCELLENT, maintaining the status quo is a sin. ‘No’ is only acceptable after we have worked and exhausted all potential ‘Yes’ first. We strive to understand and meet the expectations of our stakeholders. We take accountability for the things we do. We contribute to the success by active participation. There are no passengers here.
Knowledge Has No Boundaries

We choose to remain curious. We continuously seek answers to Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. To this end, we commit to learn one new thing every day for the rest of our lives. We believe that the future is already here. It is not just evenly distributed. We acquire knowledge to give it an expression and bring it to life.

Solutions Have No Boundaries

We believe in asking the question WHY? Not because we want to be difficult but because there is always “better.” The greatest joys in life are the simplest; the greatest ideas are the most straightforward. We are passionate about breaking down complexities in everything we do into something simple and elegant. We also know that Time is the most valuable commodity. We are driven to get things done in a timely and thoughtful manner. Urgency is the buzzword we live by.

Collaboration Knows No Boundaries

There is no ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘they’. It doesn’t exist here. It’s only us. One team. United. Nothing is impossible when we work together with no boundaries. The real world, like the digital world, is about connections. We apply this to internal and external teams. We believe that we are not alone and that if we connect a few dots together, new possibilities emerge. We believe in co-creation.

Tenacity Knows No Boundaries

Not everything comes with an instruction manual or cookie cutter. When we innovate, there are no rulebooks. When we challenge status quo, we walk into uncharted waters. Mistakes are inevitable when you are a risk-taker. But mistakes are what success is made of. Mistakes are Learnings. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he created the tungsten bulb. The secret to making it work lies in the approach we take. Our passion to be excellent makes us tenacious.

Caring Knows No Boundaries

We believe Today is a Gift – the present – and strive to be caring, honest, benevolent, supportive, helpful, humble, respectful and fair. We embrace the diversity in people and celebrate the differences. We extend mutual respect and courtesy to one another and respond to emails, phone calls, queries within the same day. No one really cares about how much we know until they know how much we care. That’s the difference we make. We move the hearts and minds of everyone we touch. 

Excellence Has No Boundaries 

We live in the world of growth, innovation, ideas, positive impact and results. We inhale technology and exhale creativity. We believe Talk is cheap. We want results. Finish the job. Execute it well. Follow through. Get it Moving… now. We believe that Excellence is not a skill but an attitude that we bring to our work and life. We believe that by moving walls, we remove barriers and boundaries to create excellence in everything we do. We believe the pursuit of Excellence to be a Journey, not a Destination.

Strength Knows No Boundaries

The word ordinary or OK does not exist in our vocabulary. We demand excellence, delivering the extra-ordinary and unique. We believe that our potential breaks through all boundaries when powered by passion. The passion arises only when our aspirations and roles are aligned to our strengths. We strive hard to create this alignment.