Digitise your offline media planning and create more effective campaign proposals faster

Audience Data-Driven Platform to Plan, Book, and Track, OOH Media

The typical media planner has to juggle between receiving client briefs, relaying these requirements to Out-of-Home media specialists and asset owners, and reworking presentations manually based on site availability and client feedback.

Digitising these processes will enable smarter and more confident media planning decisions via:

  • Audience Targeting, Flexibility, and Interactivity
  • Reach and Frequency-based planning
  • Quicker data for campaign evaluation
  • Ability to share proposals and proof of play online
The client-agency relationship is changing. In the past 12 months alone, the biggest spenders have called for accountability

Moving Audiences Planning provides a single, online view of media sites allows planners to choose assets that are active, see available slots and note creative requirements.  It reduces the time taken to respond to complicated briefs that require multiple media owners’ assets, cutting out waiting and negotiation time.

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