How Real-Time Audience Data Drives Better DOOH Campaign


With the endless capabilities of digital outdoor screens - e.g. trigger-based and dynamic contents, - the hunger for more personalised experiences has built a palpable desire for more real-time audience data to drive better engagements in DOOH campaigns.

Real-time audience data on viewership and engagement is the catalyst that gives confidence to marketers to invest in Digital Out of Home (DOOH). 

Real-time audience data provides more granular data not only on demographics but also on the audience movement pattern, their behaviours and shopping habits/preferences.

By defining how many people are exposed to the DOOH ad impressions and how many of these people further engage with any of the CTAs, the brand ad strategy will flourish when provided with these real-time data. This makes real-time data vital in keeping the audience engaged and connected to the DOOH, while delivering dynamic and relevant content to them.


Why We Need Real-Time Audience Data?

Increase the relevancy of the ad contents. 

Consumers are always on the move while being connected to their personal devices - e.g. mobile. The volume and accessibility of these data are enormous. This creates an opportunity for marketers to establish a more personal connection with their consumers. Marketers can pull in real-time audience data and adjust their DOOH ad in real-time that better resonates with their audiences in a more meaningful and contextual way.

Plus, real-time audience data allows re-targeting to occur at the moment, especially through mobile devices. When a customer is identified to be in the proximity of the targeted DOOH site, relevant ad messages can be pushed onto his/her mobile device to amplify the desired brand message and extend the brand’s reach frequency.


Optimised dynamic ad delivery

Real-time audience data provides an in-depth consumer insight into the consumer’s movement pattern and purchasing habits. This allows advertisers to re-adjust their campaign message based on these data and gave them the ability to serve more dynamic contents that are highly personalised. 

Real-time data also amplifies trigger-based ad delivery which guarantees a maximum campaign reach. Marketers can utilise more variables such as, the time of day, weather, transport and traffic information to reach the right target audience. With this real-time information, marketers can plan their ad messages to reach the right audiences when they are in the right frame of mind to engage and when they are in the right stage to convert.


Audience-based targeting with real-time data 

To be able to get the right ad message to the right audience at the right time, the DOOH industry needs to revisit its targeting criteria and move towards audiences-led planning. 

Real-time audience data empowers more informed decisions, enhancing productivity and efficiency while cutting costs to boost the bottom line. It can be used to gain actionable insights into consumer behaviour while improving customer experience. 

Identifying the right target audience’s movement pattern allows marketers to strategically identify media hotspots where a high number of their target audiences are at. Marketers can adjust their campaign and run content that performed best at each location and time slot.

Marketers can then simultaneously optimise their ad spendings and reduce media wastage on less performing sites. Delivery ads within close proximity to locations with a high number of target audiences will ultimately drive higher footfalls and better ROI.


Connecting people with data in real-time gives maximum impact to the campaign’s effectiveness and on its audience reach. What gives DOOH an edge is a medium being backed by data and technology, making it both addressable and accountable. Real-time audience data, robust planning tools and advanced targeting will enable marketers to shift focus on specific audience segments, rather than screen buying based on premium location only. 

As the audience movement in the new normal will remain unpredictable, real-time data integrated into DOOH offers the opportunity for marketers to rely on audience-led and data-driven targeting campaigns. 

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