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Automating OOH Media Buying
Connected consumers spend more than 70% of their time outside their home. However, outdoor media planning, buying, and measurement have remained largely static.
Advertisers are missing out on a powerful medium
Our solution is transforming out-of-home media. Moving Audiences is powered by location intelligence and provides marketers with powerful targeting and ad delivery capabilities for out-of-home media.
Digitising OOH Media Owners
The internet will account for over 50% of all media spends by 2020. While out-of-home media has been growing, it still accounts for just 6% of total advertising expenditure.
Media owners are unable to connect to digital media buyers because outdoor media lacks measurement standards and the buying processes have remained manual.
Moving Audiences provides powerful inventory management and ad-serving technology stack to connect billboard or screen owners to digital media buyers.
Media Owners
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