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Outernet Campaign Playbook

Navigating outside the home media using data and emerging technology

Discover the Outernet Campaign Playbook showcasing innovative executions by the Outernet Marketing Innovation Group. Explore planning, delivery, measurement, and verification strategies for successful campaigns.

Mastering DOOH in Malaysia eBook

Mastering Digital Out-of-Home in Malaysia

Discover the potential of DOOH advertising in Malaysia and revolutionize your marketing efforts. Stay ahead of the competition with valuable insights and real-life success stories. Elevate your advertising game today!

DOOH Advertising eBook

Always On DOOH Advertising

Discover the power of real-world data with “Always-On,” your ultimate guide to driving business growth. Learn how to engage your target audience, increase foot traffic, and create impactful DOOH campaigns. Unlock valuable insights for a winning marketing strategy in this comprehensive e-book.

Enhanced Customer Experience CMS eBook

Enhanced Customer Experience

Boost system efficiency by embracing a reliable, effective, and streamlined approach to content delivery. Discover the benefits of shifting to a more efficient system for pushing content to screens.

ICC Coffee Table eBook

ICC Coffee Table

Activate your fans, Grow your viewership

Unlock the power of sponsored highlights content on digital screens outside homes. Discover how this game-changing approach can engage new audiences with relevant and high-quality content, fostering interest and loyalty.

Optimising DOOH Foodpanda's Playbook

Foodpanda’s Playbook

Discover the pandemic’s impact on traditional media and the rising potential of Outernet Marketing. Gain insights on leveraging data and incorporating DOOH into your marketing strategy.

OOH Advertising India eBook

Sustainable, inclusive, innovation is fueling India.

Discover the immense potential of India’s thriving Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising industry. Explore the latest trends and revenue insights, and seize the opportunities for growth in this dynamic market. Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive analysis.

OOH Audience Measurement eBook

Unlocking the Power of the Outernet 2023

Unlock the power of Outernet advertising and harness its impact in a digitally-driven world. Gain insights into the effectiveness of OOH campaigns and stay ahead of the evolving advertising landscape. Explore the possibilities today!

Ultimate Guide to Digital Out-of-Home eBook

Your ultimate guide to Digital out-of-home

Digital is transforming how outdoor advertising is bought and delivered. The conversion of traditional billboards to digital panels has given the medium new capabilities. 

Video Outside Playbook

MSAP x MW video outside playbook 

In digital, video has become the most popular and engaging form of content and the world’s largest advertising spenders rely on premium video formats to reach audience.

2022 Traffic Insights Singapore eBook

How are your audience moving?

Traffic Insights

It comes as no surprise that a pent-up demand for travel is being reflected in high footfall at shopping malls, increasing room rates, overbooked flights and tourist arrivals throughout the Singapore metropolis.

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