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In today’s dynamic landscape, where myriad influences are in motion, ensuring the authenticity of advertising endeavors is paramount. The challenge of verifying whether an advertisement was not only displayed but also showcased on the intended screen and at the scheduled moment is intricate. This is where Moving Walls steps in with our innovative solution – Moving Audiences Verification (MAV).

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At its core, MAV is a platform meticulously designed to provide resolute verification. Imagine having the ability to ascertain with certainty whether your campaigns were not only displayed, but displayed accurately. Our innovative approach hinges on tracking billboards and cross-referencing them with tags pre-set within the platform. This intricate process culminates in a dashboard that offers a comprehensive array of statistics: duration of display, creative content, the screen the campaign is displayed on, and geographical location.

Audiences Planned vs Delivered Metrics

MAV goes the extra mile by offering viewers the opportunity to access comprehensive reports. These reports can be tailored to specific campaigns or individual creatives, adding an extra layer of granular analysis. Whether you choose a campaign-focused report to gauge ad performance across various campaigns or opt for a creative-specific report to dive into the impact of curated visuals, MAV empowers provides valuable insights.

Use Our Service for External Platforms

MAV is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of platforms, transcending its origins in the Moving Walls DSP (MAX). Whether your campaign is executed on our proprietary DSP or any other DSP, MAV remains your steadfast partner in verification. The significance of verification cannot be overstated – it's the bedrock upon which trust is built in the world of advertising. The MAV platform emerges as the answer to a critical industry challenge. It classifies results into three distinct categories: "genuine," "dubious," and "unknown," providing clarity and transparency in the verification process.

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