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People spend a significant amount of time outside their homes. An increasing number of media placements - both static and digital - are present across hundreds of venues.

Yet, OOH media is undervalued because it is unable to provide the audience discovery and automated placements that digital advertising provides. - this paragraph does not reflect positively on us.

Moving Walls has been transforming this space by enabling multiple stakeholders with advanced data capabilities to address OOH's unique characteristics and various formats.

Marketer who wants to explore what is now possible with OOH or solve a particular challenge in this space, check out our Outernet Marketing initiative.

Meanwhile, if you're a media owner looking to connect your inventory to our platform, visit Location Media Xchange (LMX), our supply-focused company's website.

Effective OOH Advertising Starts Here

OOH is a powerful medium that is revolutionizing the ad-tech industry. It is an unmissable, unskippable and unavoidable medium that is increasingly becoming personal and contextual.

The Moving Audiences platform has been built to provide you with the same capabilities you are used to for digital media.

This includes the planning tool for all forms of OOH media, Automated Booking and Programmatic Buying technology, plus In-Flight Campaign Analytics.


Headquartered in Asia, Technology Used Globally

Founded in Singapore, we’ve grown to have a presence across four continents



We’re proud to have a team that comes from more than 15 countries all over the world and share a common vision to digitise OOH media



Our technology has powered a range of audience-based OOH plans, programmatic DOOH campaigns, and billboard reporting.


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Digital, Static, Indoor, or Outdoor - our Moving Audiences ecosystem caters to Media assets anywhere in the world

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If you are contemplating exploring OOH options, it helps to know where your audience are, 

How they are interacting with outdoor media and organic engagement.

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