"LANCOME" drives awareness for CNY limited edition product.

The Chinese New Year (CNY) period is a peak time for shopping and gift-giving. Lancôme wanted their own offering to stand-out near their store locations.


"CALTEX" leverages programmatic DOOH to maximize awareness of their ' unbeatable Mileage' offerings.

How could Caltex maximise brand awareness by extending their video advertising campaign on spectacular DOOH locations?

"DELL" uses DOOH to reach business owners. 

Dell wanted to drive awareness for their specialised Small Business Solutions.

"SHELL" effectively targets motorists through highly optimized programmatic DOOH campaign.

How can Shell create brand awareness and target motorists constructively?

McDonalds implements weather triggered advertising to dish out their new Mc savers ' Mix & Match'

How can McDonalds promote and target maximum audience reach?

"NEUTROGENA" uses 'Premium' placed-based screens in India to build awareness for new product launch. 

Neutrogena was looking to extend the reach of the marketing campaign by announcing its new Bright Boost range

"SONY PICTURES" executes creative optimization ads to promote the launch of movie - Bullet Train.

How will SONY pictures ensure maximum audience reach for their new movie launch - Bullet Train in India?

How can SEAOIL engage drivers on the move and convince them to participate in its annual free gas contest in a personalised manner while increasing footfall traffic?

"SAMSUNG" sequenced campaign creates optimized brand awareness.

How can Samsung buy customers’ interest and loyalty of their audiences? At the same time minimise media wastage by only targeting sites that show maximum potential views via a data-enabled OOH campaign?

"SUNSILK" uses weather - triggers to drive new promotion awareness.

How could Sunsilk raise awareness for its product in a unique and remarkable way?


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