June 1, 2023

Samsung Sequenced Campaign Creates Optimized Brand Awareness

Brand: Samsung

Country: Indonesia 

Challenge: Samsung aimed to enhance customer interest and foster loyalty among their audiences while optimizing their media investment by implementing a data-enabled OOH campaign. The challenge was to strategically target sites with the highest potential for maximum views, thereby minimizing media wastage. 

Objective: The primary objective of Samsung’s programmatic OOH campaign in Indonesia was to elevate the brand’s equity by delivering impactful consumer experiences that establish strong associations with Samsung’s brand image and enhance overall brand awareness. The campaign specifically aimed to create anticipation and generate excitement for the launch of Samsung’s new products, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy A03, while leveraging programmatic technology to ensure efficient and targeted messaging to the intended audience.

Solution: Samsung strategically launched their latest products, the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy A03, through their highly anticipated ‘Flip&Fold’ campaign, utilizing programmatic advertising via the renowned platform, Google DV360.

To generate widespread brand awareness across the nation, the campaign meticulously executed a well-balanced combination of 54 classic and programmatic digital billboards, complemented by strategically placed LED sites in Jakarta. This comprehensive approach ensured maximum visibility and engagement with Samsung’s target audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Moving Audiences was able to identify premium DOOH sites that focused on areas most frequented by Samsung’s target audiences. The platform’s audience data algorithms were able to help Samsung mix & match, at the same time optimize its best site selection. 

Results: With just a few tweaks to its campaign approach, Samsung was able to successfully optimize its campaign by understanding and utilizing audience data, sequencing its campaign, and reaching these audiences at the right place and time. Based on the tracking period for 15 of its selected sites across the campaigns:

  • The campaign has already had over 14,000,000 Potential Views, according to the Moving Audiences Decisions platform. The campaign reached over 2,000,000 actual audience views.
  • The site for gaining the highest potential views from January 1st – 31st, 2022 was Site A (facing Roxy Square), Jakarta Barat. The potential reach for that site fell to 1,945,426 audiences.
  • The busiest hour on average for 15 sites is between 12.00hrs – 13.00hrs and 17.00hrs – 19.00hrs.
  • Viewers have had the opportunity to see the billboard on average 7 times during the campaign.

Using audiences’ data-based OOH planning also meant that Samsung can map the target audience movement across the city and sequence future campaigns


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