June 1, 2023

Caltex Leverages Programmatic DOOH To Maximize Awareness of Their ‘Unbeatable Mileage’ Offering

Brand: Caltex 
Country: Malaysia 

Partner: GroupM

Challenge: How could Caltex maximize brand awareness by extending its video advertising campaign on spectacular DOOH locations?

Objective: Caltex (part of the Chevron Group) wanted to raise awareness and implement a component of retargeting for their ‘Unbeatable Mileage: Unstoppable In Going The Distance’ campaign. When passersby come within a 5km radius of the site, they will get a notification on their mobile to participate in the guessing game where Caltex wants users to guess the distance (in kilometers) a full tank of Caltex petrol can last. The question will then prompt users to the Caltex website. 

Solution: Using the Moving Audiences planner, the Wavemaker team was able to identify relevant DOOH locations close to Caltex stations and forecast the potential Reach and Impressions the campaign would be able to deliver.

The campaign was continuously monitored and tracked through the Moving Audiences platform to understand how each of the sites was performing. Based on real-time audience data, the campaign was further optimized to deliver promised advertising spots and ensure maximum awareness was achieved.

Results: During the 62-day tracking period, the campaign achieved impressive results, with 8.73 million Potential Views and a reach of nearly 700k Unique Audiences. Notably, one of the selected billboard locations contributed more than 25% of the overall campaign impressions.

The campaign’s ad play delivery exceeded expectations, reaching 125.76% of the forecasted ad plays. This achievement provided a transparent and independent view of ad delivery across various media owners. Leveraging the insights gained from the campaign, Caltex was able to prioritize high-performing sites and significantly increase overall impressions. This successful outcome highlights the accountability of DOOH media and positions it as a valuable platform for extending video advertising reach.


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