June 1, 2023

Visa Runs Vehicle Brands – Targeted DOOH To Launch Travel Product

Brand: Visa
Country: Indonesia

Challenge: Visa used vehicle brand recognition to serve personalized creatives on DOOH driving awareness for their new Traveler-targeted Credit Card

Objective: To capitalize on the resurgence of travel and tourism, Visa aimed to create a distinctive and influential launch for its premium traveler-targeted product, developed in partnership with a prominent bank. Leveraging the potential of digital out-of-home (DOOH), Visa sought to establish a strong and memorable presence that would differentiate its new product from competitors and capture the attention of the target audience compellingly.

Solution: By leveraging vehicle brand analytics, Visa strategically targeted owners of luxury car brands, specifically BMW and Mini Cooper drivers, for their programmatic DOOH campaign. The campaign utilized three personalized and dynamic creatives in real-time, precisely reaching out to BMW, Mini Cooper, and other luxury car brand drivers in Jakarta. To maximize the campaign’s impact, a carefully selected DOOH location was positioned strategically in front of a traffic light junction, taking advantage of the extended dwell times in that area.

The one-month campaign successfully achieved a targeted 1.3 Million Impressions by employing a strategic approach that triggered ads only when specific vehicle conditions were met. This demonstrated the effectiveness of DOOH as a tactical medium capable of reaching specific audiences in a manner akin to digital targeting but on a large physical screen.

154K Reach, 1.3 MIL Potential Views, 1 Screen.


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