June 1, 2023

Lancôme Drives Awareness for CNY Limited Edition Product

Brand: Lancôme
Country: Malaysia

Partner: GroupM

Challenge: The Chinese New Year (CNY) period is a peak time for shopping and gift-giving. Lancome wanted their offering to stand out near their store locations

Objective: Lancôme wanted to make a big statement promoting their Advanced Genifique Limited Edition Serum on premium Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) locations that were placed nearby shopping malls. Given that it was to be a video advertising campaign, accountable ad, and audience delivery reporting was also a requirement.

Solution: By utilizing the advanced capabilities of the Moving Audiences tool, we successfully identified premium DOOH locations that aligned with the prestigious image of the Lancôme brand. These locations included large digital panels strategically placed near high-traffic shopping areas.

Moreover, leveraging the tool’s accurate audience impression forecasting, we identified the peak hours with the highest concentration of our target audience. This valuable insight allowed us to prioritize these specific time bands for the campaign, maximizing the effectiveness of our message delivery.

During the 30-day campaign, we exceeded the forecasted impressions by 107.1% and reached 105.5% more audience than initially predicted. An impressive majority of our target audience, approximately 78%, consisted of frequent visitors to shopping locations.

These exceptional results demonstrate the effectiveness of our DOOH campaign in generating greater exposure and engagement. By surpassing the forecasted metrics, we have successfully extended our reach and captured the attention of our intended audience, further strengthening our brand’s presence in the market.


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