March 12, 2024

RKG GHEE’s Triumph with Precision Targeting via Programmatic DOOH Campaign in Batu Caves

Brand: RKG Ghee

Country: Malaysia

By harnessing the power of programmatic DOOH RKG Ghee connected with festival-goers during important times, making their brand more noticeable and memorable in the lively setting of Thaipusam.


With Thaipusam around the corner, devotees are on the hunt to procure ghee, an essential item utilized by many during the festivities. RKG’s challenge was to identify screens that were strategically positioned to capture the attention of its target audience during Thaipusam. The objective was to pinpoint locations that resonate with the essence of the brand and its audiences.


The primary goal was to not just showcase RKG Ghee during Thaipusam but to etch its presence in the hearts of devotees. The focus was on elevating brand awareness and establishing a profound connection with the audience.


RKG Ghee, a leading manufacturer and exporter of quality pure ghee in India, sought to expand its physical presence into Malaysia, a region where Thaipusam is celebrated as one of the biggest festivals. 

In a groundbreaking move, RKG Ghee partnered with Moving Audiences Xchange (MAX) to execute a meticulously planned programmatic DOOH campaign. The strategy involved precision targeting, ensuring the selection of premium screens strategically positioned near the Batu Caves temple – the epicenter of Thaipusam celebrations. 

The campaign’s creative content masterfully conveyed the purity and richness of RKG Ghee, seamlessly aligning the brand with the cultural significance of this revered celebration.


Impressions: The campaign generated a remarkable 2 MIL impressions in just 10 days, making a profound impact across the chosen screens near Batu Caves temple.

Total Reach: RKG Ghee achieved an outstanding total reach of 187K, ensuring that the brand touched the hearts of a substantial number of Thaipusam devotees.

Cost-Effective: With a CPM (Cost per Mille) of MYR 5.80, the campaign demonstrated cost-effectiveness in reaching a Million impressions, maximizing the brand’s exposure efficiently.

Strategic Frequency: The campaign achieved an average frequency of 12 impressions per person, ensuring the audience had meaningful and repeated exposure to RKG Ghee’s message. This strategic frequency contributed to a deeper brand recall among the target audience.

Audience Segment Success: The campaign’s precision targeting resonated strongly with food lovers, establishing a meaningful connection with this specific audience segment. This success further indicates the campaign’s effectiveness in reaching those most likely to appreciate RKG Ghee.

In conclusion, RKG Ghee’s programmatic DOOH campaign, strategically executed in collaboration with Moving Audiences Xchange (MAX), not only met its objectives but exceeded expectations across key performance indicators. The brand successfully unlocked devotion, reaching a vast audience with impressive impressions, cost-effective reach, and a strategic frequency that ensured a lasting imprint on Thaipusam devotees. The campaign’s resonance with the food lovers’ segment further solidifies its impact and effectiveness in connecting with the right audience during this culturally significant celebration.


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