October 27, 2023

AirAsia Soars with Programmatic DOOH: Unlocking 7 Million Free Seats Promotion


How did AirAsia rise to the challenge of creating awareness about its 7 million free seats promo to its specific target audiences?


AirAsia aimed to launch an innovative programmatic DOOH campaign to drive awareness and drive bookings for its 7 million free seats promo. The objective was to engage audiences uniquely and leave a lasting impression that would lead to a significant increase in bookings for the promotion.


AirAsia leveraged a programmatic DOOH campaign to promote its 7 Million free seats promotion, by targeting high-traffic locations frequented by its key audience segments. The campaign utilized dynamic countdown creatives that displayed the number of remaining free seats for the promotion, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging viewers to take immediate action.

The dynamic countdown creatives were designed in a visually appealing manner to attract viewers’ attention and encourage them to engage with the ad. The creatives were optimized for each location, taking into account the audience’s demographics and behaviors in that particular area.

The programmatic DOOH platform used real-time data to target audiences at the right time and place, ensuring maximum impact and relevance.


The mega sale campaign by AirAsia delivered exceptional results, leaving a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. The campaign reached over 4.10 Million people and exceeded our initial expectations with a unique reach of 500K. Real-time optimization helped us achieve a lower cost per thousand impressions of RM36, making the campaign both cost-effective and high-value.

By leveraging the programmatic DOOH campaign through our Moving Audiences platform, we delivered the right content to the right audience at the right place and time. This dynamic creative strategy helped AirAsia stand out in a cluttered and competitive market and generated high levels of engagement. As a result, the free seats offered were snapped up in just a few days, making AirAsia top of mind for travelers planning their year-end holiday.

The campaign’s effectiveness not only increased bookings and revenue but also demonstrated the power of combining creativity and DOOH for strong outcomes in a short period. The success of this strategic approach showcases the importance of leveraging Programmatic DOOH to create dynamic and effective advertising campaigns.


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