June 1, 2023

McDonald’s Implements Weather-Triggered Advertising To Dish Out Their New McSavers Mix & Match

Brand: McDonald’s

Country: Philippines

Partner: GroupM

Challenge: How can Mcdonald’s promote and target maximum audience reach?

Objective: McDonald’s wants to promote their new McSavers Mix & Match combos by maximizing target audience reach using the weather trigger advertising method.

Solution: Mcdonald’s uses weather triggers to personalize content and drive consumer activation dynamically. The programmatic campaign displayed three dynamic creatives which responded to the weather conditions – when it’s shining outside, when it’s pouring rain, and when the pockets are dry a.k.a Petsa de Peligro in the Philippines.

Results: Throughout the 100-day tracking period, valuable insights were gathered regarding site performance, particularly identifying top-performing locations and those that exceeded expectations. These findings serve as a guide for prioritizing these sites in future campaigns, maximizing impressions and overall media value. Furthermore, fluctuations in audience movement patterns impacted the performance of certain locations, leading to the identification of areas that fell short of predicted planning data. Through regular campaign optimization and weekly performance reviews, adjustments were made to optimize site selection and relocate advertisements to higher-performing locations, ensuring the campaign’s effectiveness and audience reach.


Audiences were reached

The campaign has reached around 142.63% of what was promised to McDonald’s.


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